We’ve seen many tease for the forthcoming GR Corolla, however Toyota hasn’t given us much in the method of firm data. The company has indicated the Yaris’ G16 motor, its 268 pull, and its GR-Four AWD system advancing toward the Corolla stage, however those clues have come through pieces and bits of data concealed through social media posts. Presently, we at last realize when we’ll get genuine data: This week.

Toyota has affirmed an uncover date for “its newest GR sports car,” complete with dark video of GR badges, brakes, and fender flares.

The company actually hasn’t given the signal “Corolla,” yet come on now. We know it’s a Corolla. It’s alright, Toyota, you can say the word.

The full GR Corolla uncover will come Thursday, March 31, at 9:30 PM Eastern time. The video will be streamed on Toyota GR’s Vimeo channel, in a video suitably (if exhausting ly) named “Toyota Performance Product Reveal.”

The most recent photographs, the primary we’ve seen with practically no cover, focus around two highlights: The widened, vented fender flares, and an emblazoned GR-FOUR badge. The bumper, probably the front-driver’s side, looks significantly more extensive than it showed up under camo last week. There expectations for a truly wild Corolla are once again piqued.

The GR-Four badge, meaning Toyota’s exhibition AWD system, is somewhat more earnestly to put. It very well may be a side skirt, with that raised board on the left of the casing being the bumper from the main picture. A front splitter, however, isn’t impossible all things considered.

With the full uncover on Thursday, we’re expecting affirmation about the components of the Corolla that Toyota has previously teased, as well as more detailed data about the outside, inside, and drivetrain changes. Assuming we’re lucky, perhaps we’ll even get valuing and accessibility data as well.

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