Coppery leaves already started to cover pavements, making it ‘legal’ to put on all-time favorite oversized knitted cardigan and wallow in proper melancholy, reminiscing about precious and warm moments of summer. Hello, most poetic and enigmatic time of a year! Hello, fall!

Yet, despite its beauty, fall is also inextricably linked to anxiety; we get antsy now and then, become vulnerable more than ever and tend to overreact at times. So, how not to get lost in our own mixed feelings?

Olga Ferrara, number 1 top 20 fashion influencers (, fashion editor and stylist, advises us to explore our wardrobes for the brightest outfits as an ultimate way out. Having a penchant for edgy and on-point looks, Olga inspires people to think outside the box, mix eye-popping colors and combine rich fabrics to escape boredom this season.

Olga believes that colors affect us on all levels, physical, spiritual and emotional, that’s why she opts for those with optimistic determination and positive energy. Here’s Olga’s top 5 to battle an emotional roller-coaster this fall:

  • Butter-yellow: this vibrant and warm color is on the rise now. It’s said to increase concentration and attention; that’s the reason why yellow is so widely used in advertising.It’s the color of dreamers and adventurers. Try it out layering a dreamy silk dress with a turtleneck. But don’t forget your coat, it’s chilly outside.
  • Celery is good at fighting stress, makes any outfit look fresh. This color comes from nature and gives people a feeling of tranquility. As psychologists say people who choose shades of green tend to be caring and gentle. Micro celery handbag will become your staple piece, see for yourself.
  • Purple: sophisticated and luxurious. People relate this color to art and creativity. It also indicates passionate personality. Purple velvet has become an untouchable classic. A touch of purple adds bourgeois allure to any outfit. Combine it with red color block or yellow accessory to make it pop!
  • True blue and strong blue: associate with confidence and reliability, this season headliners. People wearing blue are perceivedas empathetic and efficient. All shades of blue work magic at a job interview. So, a strong blue suit serves as a basis and investment piece of the highest order.
  • Pink is softer than red, more subtle and warm. An endless source of inspiration, this color will sweeten your look up and create an atmosphere of romance and tender.Goes well with green, blue, brown. Take a close look at capes, woolen sweaters, long fringe dresses in pink.

Let’s brighten up this fall with the helpof Olga’s handy tips!

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