The present Doodle celebrates the 105th Birthday of Siti Latifah Herawati Diah, a noticeable Indonesian writer. In 1955, she helped to establish The Indonesian Observer, the main English-language paper in the country.

As the main English publication in Indonesia for more than a decade, it captured the aspirations and hardships of a recently autonomous country for a worldwide crowd.

Herawati studied journalism at Barnard College in New York. In the wake of graduating she got back to Indonesia in 1942, shortly before the Indonesian National Revolution grabbed hold, and become a reporter for the United Press International (UPI) newswire.

She wedded individual journalist Burhanuddin Mohammad “BM” Diah, who later turned into the Minister of Information in 1968. Herawati utilized her diplomatic connections with safeguard Indonesian cultural monuments. She drove the work to proclaim the Borobudur Temple Compounds as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Herawati was likewise a strong advocate for ladies’ privileges. She established a few ladies’ organizations, including the Women’s Voice Empowerment Movement, which assembles Indonesian ladies to vote.

The present artwork observes Herawati’s legacy and the way she cleared for ladies in Indonesia.

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