According to the U.S. Coast Guard, the Titan submersible’s wreckage that was brought ashore today contained “presumed human remains.”

The US Coast Guard said in a statement: United States medical professionals will conduct a formal analysis of presumed human remains that have been carefully recovered within the wreckage at the site of the incident.” The garbage showed up today at an office in St. John’s Newfoundland, which is the nearest port to the site of the Titanic wreck.

On Sunday, a week ago, the vessel that set out to investigate the Titanic’s ruins suffered five fatalities.

Marine Board of Investigation Chair Capt. said, “The evidence will provide investigators from several international jurisdictions with critical insights into the cause of this tragedy.” A statement from Jason Neubauer stated. Check it out in its entirety down below.

“There is still a substantial amount of work to be done to understand the factors that led to the catastrophic loss of the TITAN and help ensure a similar tragedy does not occur again.”

From the Coast Watchman:

The Coast Gatekeeper got flotsam and jetsam and proof recuperated from the ocean bottom at the site of the TITAN submarine when the M/V Skyline Cold showed up in St. John’s Newfoundland, June 28, 2023.

After meeting with global accomplice insightful organizations, the Marine Leading body of Examination (MBI) means to ship the proof on board a U.S. Coast Gatekeeper shaper to a port in the US where the MBI will actually want to work with additional examination and testing.

At the scene of the incident, meticulously recovered presumed human remains will be subjected to a formal analysis by medical professionals from the United States.

MBI Chair Captain Jason Neubauer stated, “I am grateful for the coordinated international and interagency support to recover and preserve this vital evidence at extreme offshore distances and depths.” The evidence will provide crucial insights into the cause of this tragedy to investigators from various international jurisdictions. There is as yet a significant measure of work to be finished to comprehend the variables that prompted the horrendous loss of the TITAN and assist with guaranteeing a comparative misfortune doesn’t happen once more.”

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