From its humble beginnings on the iPhone over a decade ago, WhatsApp has become an messaging juggernaut. It’s as of now the main informing stage in the US, and despite being restricted in China, it’s additionally the main informing application worldwide with multiple billion month to month clients and 5 billion Play Store downloads.

It’s probably that you have it on your telephone, and assuming you’re an individual from the beta program, you’re coming up for a few new highlights for managing phone numbers.

In addition to new emoji and updated voice messaging which were delivered recently, beta clients are beginning to see a few new devices to interface with telephone numbers sent in messages.

While tapping a number from a chat, the past way of behaving was to quickly send that number to your dialer application, so you could get a call going. After this change, WhatsApp presents a pop-up dialog first. The application likewise verifies whether the line’s related with any WhatsApp account, and assuming this is the case, gives you the choice to begin a chat with the client .

The feature is first appearance up in the beta release for Android and is at present rolling out.

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