Today’s formal web launch of the platform has been announced on Meta’s official Threads account. Users may log into the site from their desktops and laptops by going to and doing so with their Instagram credentials, according to Threads.

You can log in to the platform using your login, phone number, or email. If you’ve previously completed that step and entering your email produces a “set up your profile using the Threads app” prompt, one of the alternate methods might still work.

The platform now allows users to react, repost, search profiles, see and amend their own profiles, and subscribe to notifications in addition to adding photographs and videos to new web posts.

The top of Threads’ web version now corresponds to the bottom bar’s collection of icons on mobile devices. The “Following” and “For You” tabs that appear on mobile are not displayed on the site when you click the “&” button. These choices can be found in a clickable FAB at the bottom left corner of the page.

Additionally, just like X, people can post on Threads no matter how far down they have browsed. A floating “New Post” window appears when you click the notepad icon in the top bar. Similar to this, users can scroll up and select “Start a thread…,” although doing so will still present a floating box rather than allowing you to enter directly into it.

The platform also gives users a sneak peek at upcoming features, promising to bring everything they know and love from mobile to the web. Soon, more.

Although this is encouraging, more consumers need Threads — especially on mobile — to properly tie everything together. Although there is still no DM option on Threads, the site recently made it possible for users to contribute their content through Instagram DMs as part of numerous other additions designed to try and increase user retention.

Speaking of keeping people engaged, Threads got off to a quick start when it originally began, racking up 100 million sign-ups in just five days. Unfortunately, in just one month, the platform lost about half of those users. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, is still confident that the numbers will gradually increase as more capabilities are introduced to Threads over time.

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