The present Doodle celebrates Mexican writer, poet, psychologist and broadcaster Emma Godoy, who was born on this day in 1918 and utilized her voice to defend the privileges and dignity of the elderly.

Godoy at first earned an master’s degree in Spanish Language and writing. She then acquired a Doctorate in Philosophy from the regarded National Autonomous University of Mexico, as well as concentrating on Psychology and Pedagogy. She was additionally a teacher of Literature there.

Much of Godoy’s life was spent adjusting teaching, composing books, poetry, art criticism and philosophical essays. Her novel, Érase un hombre Pentafácico, was given the Ibero-American Novel Award supported by The William Faulkner Foundation in 1962.

In 1973, she founded and managed the Association for the Dignification of Old Age, one of the first organizations to address senior rights. Godoy consistently broadcasted on XEW1 radio in Mexico and further spread awareness of her thoughts.

This prompted the Mexican Government laying out the National establishment for Older Adults in 1979. The institution is supported by Emma Godoy’s standards and keeps on helping millions today.

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