Animal Crossing: New Horizons is getting another substance update in late November that will add Thanksgiving and Christmas events to the game.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ fall update finally goes live this Wednesday, September 30, however there’s still more new substance while in transit to the game this season.

Nintendo has affirmed that another Animal Crossing update is scheduled to show up after the expected time November, and it would appear that it’ll include two all the more huge seasonal events.

While Nintendo hasn’t shared any further insights concerning the November update presently, the declaration was joined by pictures of Franklin the turkey and Jingle the reindeer.

The previous hosts the series Harvest Festival (Thanksgiving) occasion, while the last shows up during Toy Day (Christmas), so it would seem that the two occasions are coming as a feature of the November update.

Nintendo hasn’t yet clarified how the Harvest Festival or Toy Day occasions will work in New Horizons, however in the arrangement’s past portion, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Franklin would send you around to different townspeople to accumulate elements for dishes he’s planning.

Toy Day was significantly more included. All December, you would need to address residents and make note of what they’re planning to get on Toy Day. At that point, on December 24, you would need to dress as Santa and convey the correct presents to every resident.

Meanwhile, the current week’s update will include Halloween, alongside related DIY plans and other substance. Throughout the entire October, you’ll have the option to buy candy at Nook’s Cranny, just as pumpkin begins that you can plant and develop. These pumpkins would then be able to be utilized to create Halloween-themed decorations and different things from new DIY plans.

Past that, the current week’s update will likewise make it a lot simpler to return to dreams. Dream islands that you’ve recently visited will show up as a feature of a rundown, so you’ll no longer need to reemerge their Dream Address each time you need to return.

Nintendo will likewise reveal an update for the NookLink work toward the beginning of October that will let you use responses directly from the cell phone application.

Notwithstanding the following update, Animal Crossing Amiibo cards are additionally returning this November. Series 1 through 4 of the Amiibo cards will be accessible again at retailers. Each pack will cost $6 USD and incorporates six cards.

You can utilize these cards to welcome townspeople to live on your island or take photographs of them in the game’s Photopia mode. The since quite a while ago sold-out Animal Crossing-edition Switch comfort is additionally getting back to choose stores.

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