Like Wi-Fi, it has been named ‘Aquafi’, which permits jumpers to trade video and information legitimately from the profundities of the water, yet the procedure utilized LEDs and lasers.

This work has been finished by specialists from the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia, the subtleties of which have been distributed in the most recent issue of IEEE.

Basim Shahada, one of its originators, said it was the first run through submerged web had been utilized altogether by means of wireless.

During the time spent aqua fi, radio waves are sent to the diver’s cell phone and a raspberry pie is associated with the computer behind it.

The raspberry pie accordingly goes about as a portal and sends information from a similar PC to the outside of the water as a beam of light.

Here a gadget is assuming control over the web by means of satellite which works simply like a Wi-Fi supporter.

Albeit sound and radio can be associated underwater, they have their own restrictions. Light can convey a lot of information much underwater. Thus, the advantages of Aqua Fi are endless.

All the while, radio waves travel from the submerged individual’s cell phone to the portal computer behind him.

This information is currently changed over into green LED light and transmitted to another computer on a superficial level, which is outfitted with a light recognition framework. It ought to be noticed that the first computer changes over video and pictures into another zero arrangement.

Specialists have experimentally traded multiple megabytes every second of information with EcoFi.

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