According to TelecomTalk, Bharti Airtel has simplified the process of switching from a physical SIM to an eSIM. Gopal Vittal, the CEO and MD of Bharti Airtel, also emphasized this development on the most recent earnings call. Gopal Vittal recently emphasized the developments in mobile technology in an email to subscribers, mentioning embedded SIM, or e-SIM, in particular, saying that it will make things simpler and more easy for Airtel users.

Convenience of e-SIM for Airtel Users

You no longer need to have access to your phone’s actual SIM card while using an e-SIM, which functions as an online extension of your normal physical SIM card. Some smartwatches and more recent smartphone models are now e-SIM enabled, guaranteeing users a seamless experience with connectivity.

Gopal has urged Airtel consumers to switch to e-SIM and maintain connectivity in his email, highlighting the perks and advantages that eSIM technology offers.

“The e-SIM will offer you seamless connectivity in these digitally first times where watches, tablets, and mobile phones are all connected. For example, the e-SIM will allow you to connect your smartwatch to the internet while your phone stays by your bedside at home and you enjoy your morning jog, so you won’t need to bring it with you,” Gopal explained.

Protection and Several Mobile Numbers

Gopal further mentioned that if a customer so chooses, they can utilize various mobile numbers on a single e-SIM. The notification further stated that switching devices using an e-SIM is a fairly simple process.

Furthermore, because e-SIMs are not like traditional SIMs, which can be physically removed from phones, it will be more difficult for thieves to dispose of them if your device is stolen. This will facilitate the tracking of a misplaced smartphone as well,” he said.

Airtel Thanks App Integration

Gopal further emphasized that Airtel has worked to ensure that customers have a smooth transition to an e-SIM by offering the Airtel Thanks App, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apple iOS App Store.

In response to a few inquiries, the CEO of Airtel emphasized that any devices that support the e-SIM feature may use Airtel e-SIM, adding that customers can use the Airtel Thanks app to turn a physical SIM card into an e-SIM.

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