With an opening weekend total of $11.4 million (RMB81.1 million), “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” made a splash at the top of the mainland China box office.

It was just the fourth weekend in which a Hollywood movie has topped the China charts this year, and the third time in 2024 that a Hollywood picture had done so. This past weekend, “Apes” topped the box office in both North American and foreign theaters.

The movie made about 30% of the overall revenue at the box office during a weekend when cinemas took in a total of $38.2 million, according to data from consulting firm Artisan Gateway.

Chinese theaters have made $2.92 billion so far this year. Despite this, China is the largest theatrical market globally as of 2024, with cumulative receipts of $2.92, surpassing those of North America. However, if North America’s popcorn season proves to be robust, the difference might close and even reverse.

Chinese comedy “The Last Frenzy,” which tells the story of a dying man’s last gasp, dropped from #1 to second position. For a 12-day total of $73.4 million, it made $8.9 million (RMB62.9 million).

The Hong Kong criminal action film “Twilight of the Gods: Walled In” took in $8 million on its second official weekend of release. It currently has $64.9 million in total.

The film “Formed Police Unit,” which tells the story of Chinese peacekeepers collaborating with the UN, brought about $3.9 million. It has $66.1 million in total.

$2.4 million was added by the Japanese animated film “Spy x Family Code: White.” As of April 30, when it was first released in China, it has earned $37 million.

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