With its latest smartphone updates, OnePlus has been enhancing the user experience by introducing some highly-appreciated quality-of-life features. A new touch control experience, numerous new animations, and other quality-of-life tweaks to the user interface are included in the most recent OxygenOS upgrade for the OnePlus 12R.

Changelog for OnePlus 12R OxygenOS 

New Smooth Animation

  • enhances the visual experience by adding background zoom and smooth icon transitions on app opening and exit.
  • incorporates progressive brightness changes and wallpaper zoom animations for the on/off screen.
  • enhances the layer effects of Quick Setting widgets and icons and adds a bounce animation effect while sliding to the bottom of the notification drawer to create a more delicate and natural-looking visual effect.
  • enhances the transition animations for widgets and icons on the home screen, and when the device is unlocked, it adds wallpaper zoom animations.
  • enhances the Quick Settings, Notification drawer, Home screen drawer, and Global Search backdrop colors and Gaussian blur effects.
  • enhances the transition animation that plays when the smartphone unlocks and the lock screen clock and buttons vanish.
  • enhances the animations while launching and closing Global Search to provide a more seamless and dependable visual experience.
  • A fresh experience with touch control
  • When a user swipes in from one side of the screen to close an app before it launches, a transition animation is added.
  • adds a transition animation for when a user swipes in from one side of the screen to open a new page and then back to the previous page.
  • adds a transitional animation for when you swipe up to close an app in landscape mode or inward from the side of the screen.
  • Now, to access more apps, you can tap the lower right corner of a huge folder.
  • App icons in huge folders can now be pulled down to open an app with a single motion.
  • increases the responsiveness of touch control. It is now quicker and more stable to tap and swipe between the Recent Tasks and Home screens.
  • improves touch sensitivity in situations when you use apps, like launching and shutting them, navigating into and out of recent tasks, and swiping the gesture guidance bar to move between them.
  • enhances animations while working with big folders. The Home screen now has smoother app dragging.


  • The Quick Settings now provide a volume adjustment feature.
  • Now, when you create the Lock screen pattern to unlock your device, you have the option to hide the track.
  • Now, you can swipe up to close a tiny window and drag the bottom of a floating window to change its size.
  • increases the stability of the system.
  • incorporates the Android security patch from April 2024 to improve system security.
  • At this time, the update is limited to North America. In the upcoming days, more regions are probably going to have access to it.
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