DJs have always been the lifeline of New York City and its Night Life through the decades. One of them is DJ J Star who was born in the Dominican Republic but moved here with his family when he was 6. He got to develop his unique style from House, Hip Hop, Merengue, Reggae, and other genres. It made him one of the most favorite DJs in his neighborhood. The DJ has seen the onset of social media and how it has affected the profession. He shares his insight with us today.

“When I was growing up, we used to throw a lot of parties but the communication was not as swift as it is today. Cell phones were there but the usage was limited to just phone calls and small text messages. We often had to use flyers if we were holding a huge party and planning it. Nowadays, everything is changing. We have our social media groups and setting up an event invite can be done in seconds,” says DJ J Star.

He grew up in Uptown Manhattan and The Bronx Areas which were party hubs even before there was the ease of social media. This newfound ease has elevated the nightlife as he now performs at almost ten events a week in the New York Area. Managing and coordinating so many parties would have been a painful task without this convenience.

Unlike most other DJs, DJ J Star opted to pursue things in life properly, no matter how high the difficulty. He completed his degree in Audio Engineering from the Institute of Audio Research. This same focused and intuitive approach was used by him in making the most of social media for flourishing his career.

DJ J Star has also made good use of social media and the internet to create a solid online presence for himself. His website shows all his partners such as JBL, HBO, Adidas, Coors Light, and many more. He recognizes this fact and says, “this many people would have never known me all over the world in a time before the internet. All my past, present, and future can be seen online. People get in touch with me frequently on my Instagram and my official email. The biggest benefit of social media and the internet is that my weekly show on Sirius XM CH. 13 can be heard all over the world now.” He can be followed on Instagram at @DJJStar.

DJ J Star was signed by Pitbull’s station Sirius XM Ch.13 in the year 2018. He has gotten a lot of love and attention from fans in New York and all over the world who listen to his show. A prove of his influence and notoriety crossing the borders is that he is often invited to perform at international events and concerts all over the world.

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