Fall Guys is teasing new content with a Twitter post referencing a hammer called “Big Yeetus.”

In the tweet, a GIF shows a super-speed turning hammer on the Dizzy Heights level of the game. The sledge is then used to fling, or “yeet,” the player at the end goal.

Fall Guys says that Big Yeetus will randomly show up in levels “to shake things up,” and that it is disordered unbiased, not your companion, and not your enemy.

Another intriguing takeaway from the GIF is that there are natural products being sent toward the finish of Dizzy Heights.

As the game at present stands at this moment, balls are sent turning out toward the finish of the level, not fruit.

The incorporation of fruit, alongside Big Yeetus, could be indicating toward variations of the current levels in the game.

Season two of Fall Guys, which was prodded a week ago and will be medieval-themed, will include more levels however has no release date yet.

Obviously, in light of Fall Guys’ online media history, this tweet could simply be an image or a troll and not a actual upcoming expansion. We should discover more in the coming days.

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