Google has delivered new updates for Android and Android Auto, and this time both the stable and the beta channels are getting a few treats.

Google shipped two new significant beta forms this week, and everything begins with Google Maps version 10.62.0.

This is the absolute first beta of branch 10.62, and keeping in mind that the company has excluded any release notes, there’s a possibility it hides something huge in the hood, as it’s a significant jump from the past testing build delivered as version 10.61.1.

A subsequent beta was distributed on March 5 as Google Maps version 10.62.1.

Yet, for clients staying with the stable version of Google Maps, the new delivery dispatched to gadgets as version 10.61.3 is the one that is the most significant.

What’s more, this is on the grounds that this specific form packs the new dark mode that Google Maps is getting on Android and which incorporates the menus as well as the guides and all the other things you see on the screen.

What’s essential to know, however, is that the visual update is as yet powered by a server-side switch, so it could require a long time to appear on your gadget even subsequent to installing version 10.62.1.

The new full dark mode is select to Android gadgets for the present and is required to arrive on iPhones sometime in the not too distant future, however Google hasn’t yet shared any ETA in such manner.

You can locate the full directions on the best way to empower the dark mode in Google Maps on this page.

When you install the new form of Google Maps and launch the application, you should see a brief telling to you that the new dark mode is at long last accessible on your gadget, and following the means on the page connected above allows you instantly enable it.

The new dark mode just works on Android devices, as the Android Auto sibling as of now accompanies a comparative visual style that ought to be empowered consequently when you turn on the lights in the vehicle.

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