The movie Family Star, which opens in theaters on April 5, is much anticipated by Vijay Deverakonda. He engaged in lighthearted conversation about Family Star and other broad subjects with the general public as part of the promotions.

A delighted child questioned Vijay about any special days that coincided with the release date of his movie, as he was describing how much he liked working on Family Star. Recalling that Rashmika Mandanna’s birthday also occurs on April 5, Vijay promptly corrects him, saying he is aware of the other festivals that are approaching.

With a clever nod to the momentous day, Vijay expressed his wish that Family Star will benefit from Rashmika’s birthday good fortune. The interview participants applauded the mention of Rashmika’s birthday because of all the rumors in the media regarding the young couple’s relationship.

If Family Star does well at the box office and adds to the celebration of Rashmika’s birthday, Vijay’s April 5th could get much better.

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