Google Maps is turning out new highlights to make the application more focused around network commitment. It’s important for Google Maps’ development from a headings application to a search-and-answer engine for organizations and clients.

These are the most up to date updates to Google Maps:

1. Community feed inside the application: With this new feature, Google Maps clients will have the option to get to the most recent reviews, photographs and presents added on Maps by individuals they follow and nearby specialists. It resembles (YELP) – yet it’ll be accessible straightforwardly in the application.

2. Messaging for Maps and Search: Verified companies can message clients straightforwardly from the application, permitting searchers to associate with organizations and pose inquiries. The messages from clients will appear in the organizations messages area in the application’s update tab.

3. Execution insights for businesses: This business-focused update will follow how well an company is performing by estimating the quantity of client commitment started from Maps and Search. This framework will give news understanding to organizations’ exhibition and commitment with clients on Google.

4. Street View images added by users: Google Maps clients will have the option to present their own Street View pictures from their telephones. In particular, individuals can do this by recording a progression of associated pictures while they descend a road or way. After that recording is recorded and distributed, Google will naturally turn, position, and join the pictures.

It’s been a major year for updates for the application, which was delivered in 2005. In September, Google Maps presented a component that shows traffic signals at various US cities.

With the new social highlights Google disclosed for the current month, Yelp’s opposition with Google Maps is more grounded than any time in recent memory. Furthermore, Yelp is very much aware. In March, the organization shared its long-standing complaints about Google at a conference at the Senate Antitrust Subcommittee.

Google (GOOG) faces an antitrust lawsuit from the public authority disconnected to Maps. It centers around two fundamental zones. The principal center is the company’s choice to make Google search the default on Android, its portable working framework and the world’s generally famous, which is appropriated on its own telephones just as on telephones made by some different producers.

The second region of center is Google’s contracts with Apple (AAPL), Samsung (SSNLF) and other gadget makers that make Google search the default on their phones.

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