In preparation of the holidays, you can send gifts, or even extraordinary winter-themed postcards to loved ones in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. What’s more, you can do it all by means of the in-game mail system at Dodo Airlines.

Toy Day Gifts

You can buy toys and other extraordinary gifts at Nook’s Cranny Dec. 1-25, and Dec. 24 is the enormous Toy Day occasion. Hope to see a lot of happy, occasion themed decorations popping up on your island over time at the Resident Services square, Nook’s Cranny, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The Toy Day things that show up in Nook’s Cranny will come in various shading varieties. Similarly as with most occasion themed things, you can just get one specific shading variety for every thing from your own Nook’s Cranny store, so inquire routinely to gather them all.

Also, decorated trees around your island may drop exceptional ornaments when you shake them. In the event that you gather enough of them, you’ll additionally get exceptional Christmas-themed DIY recipes all through December.

As the snow gradually collects on your island, uncommon snowflakes will likewise tumble from the sky. On the off chance that you get them with your net, you can gather significantly more winter-themed DIY recipes.

Sending Gifts through the Postal Service

Sending mail to the residents in the Animal Crossing establishment has consistently been serious. Presently, you can even send redid postcards to the individuals on your Nintendo Switch companions list.

Beginning Dec. 1, you can visit Nook’s Cranny to get toys and endowments to ship off your loved ones who are either on your island or on your companions list. In case you’re feeling additional extravagant, you can likewise get some wrapping paper at Nook’s Cranny (it’s in the bureau), and wrap your gift prior to sending it.

A solitary sheet of wrapping paper typically costs 160 Bells and a heap of five costs 800, contingent upon the example.

To wrap a gift, open your stock with the X catch on your correct Joy-Con regulator, and afterward select the wrapping paper. Pick “Wrap” from the menu, and afterward select the thing in your stock you need to wrap. It’s as simple as that.

At the point when you first visit the Dodo air terminal, Orville will fill you in on the postal services he offers. To one side of his desk, you’ll see a rack of envelopes you can ship off companions for 200 Bells. Ensure you’re associated with the web and approach the postcard rack. Pick “Send one” from Orville’s menu to pick a friend from your list.

You can send a postcard to a creature inhabitant or another player on your island, your future self, or anybody on your in-game companions list. After you select a recipient, you can customize your postcard.

A collection of occasion themed postcards will be accessible from early December through early January. Make certain to get your top picks while you get the opportunity.

You can modify your postcards by composing a customized message. In the event that you send one to a creature inhabitant on your island, they may even react.

After you type your message, press the in addition to sign (+) button on your correct Joy-Con controller to see a preview of it. You would then be able to decide to keep composing, store the message to send later, or you can drop sending the card by pressing the minus sign (- ) button to your left side Joy-Con controller.

After you wrap up composing your message, you can join a present. At the base right of the Nintendo Switch screen, click the symbol that resembles a blessing. Select the thing you need to join from your stock, and afterward select “OK” to send your postcard.

Your recipient will get it in their post box the next day.

Make sure to jump into the game on Christmas day to spot Jingle the Reindeer and participate on all the festive exercises. Ideally, the new toys will assist you with getting the occasion spirit while you wait.

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