Happy birthday Librado Silva Galeana!

The present Doodle, represented by Chihuahua-based visitor artist Raul Urias, celebrates Mexican interpreter, educator, researcher, and author Librado Silva Galeana, a specialist in the antiquated Nahuatl language that was spoken inside Mexico’s Aztek and Toltec human advancements.

Galeana is generally known for his Spanish interpretation of a sixteenth century assortment of Nahuatl oral history called Huehuetlahtolli: Testimonies of the Old Word, notwithstanding numerous other Nahuatl poems and stories that epitomize Mexico’s rich history and culture.

Librado Silva Galeana was born on this day in 1942 in Santa Ana Tlacotenco, Mexico.

His folks were both Nahuatl speakers and passed the language down to Galeana. Powered by an affection for phonetics, he studied to turn into an teacher and committed a lot of his academic work to the safeguarding and advancement of his first language of Nahuatl.

In the mid-1970s, he teamed up with individual Nahuatl instructors to establish the Ignacio Ramírez Social and Cultural Circle, a group named after the renowned nineteenth century Mexican essayist and committed to the study of the language.

All through his vocation, Galeana carried on Ramírez’s legacy of championing indigenous dialects and information.

He contributed his aptitude in Nahuatl to an assortment of academic examination so as to build up a more profound comprehension of the indigenous legacy that assisted with forming present day Mexico.

In acknowledgment of his endeavors to ration the Nahuatl language and culture, Galeana was granted the Nezahualcóyotl Prize for Indigneous Languages by Mexico’s Federal District Department in 1994.

Much thank you for assisting with preserve and celebrate culture.

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