Happy National Day, Vietnam!!!

The present Doodle honors Vietnam’s National Day in celebration of the date in 1945 when the Southeast Asian country pronounced its independence from France.

Highlighted in the present Doodle artwork is an untainted rowboating scene loaded with traditional Vietnamese symbolism. The man paddling is delineated wearing a notorious Nón Lá, a funnel shaped leaf cap that began a huge number of years prior and has since gotten inseparable from the country’s way of life.

Inverse of the man controlling the boat, a lady is wearing the elegant national costume of Vietnam: the Áo Dài, which epitomizes the pride of the Vietnamese people.

The two are encompassed by lily pads and lotus flowers, regular verdure found all through Vietnam’s lakes and ponds. The national flower of Vietnam, the lotus lowers under sloppy water around evening time and restores the following morning.

After arriving at the new day break’s sunlight, it blooms clean by the encompassing mud—in any event, during extremely tempestuous occasions. This demonstration of steadiness shows why numerous in the nation see the lotus bloom as an image of strength and confidence.

Not exclusively does this colorful flower light up the Vietnamese scene, however it is additionally profoundly imbued in the country’s social personality, from its towering engineering to its unique cuisine.

The lotus’ distinctive shape has discovered its way into the plan of various Vietnamese pagodas, sanctuaries, and mutual houses since the Ly and Tran traditions, similar to the noticeable One Pillar Pagoda in Hanoi.

In addition to its suffering symbolic value, the bloom is utilized to make lotus tea, a fundamental piece of numerous Vietnamese festivals.

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