Try and visualise this scenario. There’s a young athlete playing for a professional football club. They turn up every day, and practise for hours and hours. However, you get pulled into social media. It could be the backlash associated with it, or the consistent flow of positivity. All in all, it distracts them from doing what they really love – getting out there and actually preparing for the game they enjoy.

Unfortunately, even if these footballers recognised this, they wouldn’t know who to turn to: until now. One social media agency Greedy Growth has made it their goal to help footballers let go of social media and give them more time to focus on training, by handing their social media management.

Thus far, they’ve added a handful of professional footballers from teams within top leagues like the premier league and the championship to their roster, including the Burnley footballer Joel Mumbongo, who recently joined the club, and have the ambition to carry on growing this roster of footballers in 2021. It’s quite clear that they’ll be making some big advancements in the coming months and years given the current success of this part of the Greedy Growth agency, which has only just launched at the start of 2021.

Greedy Growth was founded in 2018, and dubs itself as an up and coming social media agency, with a team of experts behind it that have an unmatched understanding of social media and how to effectively market it for their clients. Upon realising that there was this gap for footballers, they instantly jumped on it and got to work on a solution – Greedy Growth wanted to become one of the first social media agencies to cater to footballers.

The social media company Greedy Growth commented that this was just one of their expansionary moves within 2021, and that there would be more to come. You can find further information on their website here

Especially with lockdown and covid, social media usage increased as internet consumption rose, and along with it, footballers saw their fans become more active than ever. This was part of what Greedy Growth were able to capitalise upon, and help these young footballers turn their regular fans into superfans who devoutly followed their content and career.

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