In the present times, people are provided with a variety of songs that they can listen to. With such varied taste, this generation has being responsible for making a lot of people famous, some deserved it and some have just gained popularity for the sake of it. However, Ahmad Rubani deserves every bit of it! His main focus is not toearn money, but to connect to as many people as possible. The main quality in him is that his songs are mostly beautiful owing to his voice as well as his connection to them, he writes with his heart and also sings wholeheartedly, feeling every word.His passion is his reason for success.

Ahmad has been singing for a long time now, beginning out when he was very young and performing for any and every event that was brought up to him. With time, he began to perform in charity events also the spread love and joy. What is the use of being an artist if you are incapable of bringing happiness in someone’s world? Although he has fantastic vocals, he practises regularly to refine his singing skills and concentrates on meditating so that he can come up with more creative lyrics for his songs.

Some of the major highlights in his career are:

  1. Touring across the world, especially in Saudi Arabia, Holland and Pakistan. Current goal is to travel more so that he can perform live in front of as many people as possible. He has experienced some huge gatherings, including thousands of people per performance. The audience volume is not constant but the quality of songs always are, Ahmad never compromises on that.
  2. Having more than a million use on his official YouTube Channel’s latest release- Nazara. This was shot in a very small span of time and still turned out to be one of the best.
  3. Correct utilisation of social media platforms to increase his reach. Since he is also on Spotify, people have been streaming his music quite a lot.
  4. Immense support from friends, family and also fans.

Ahmad Rubani creates Quality work. His songs are not commercial common either arethey meant mostly for entertainment purposes, he wants to have a heart to heart connection with the listener so that every time they hear it, they are able to feel every bit of it. With a lot of motivation, meditation and vocal skills, Ahmad has established himself. He has a lot to achieve still, better opportunities are coming his way but now the support of his fan followers counts as a great achievement. Knowing that there are millions who wish him well is rewarding enough.

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