So at this point we’ve all found out about COVID-19 and the overall epidemic that is changing the entirety of our every day habits. Children are home from school, numerous grown-ups are being compelled to telecommute and we’re each doing our part in social distancing.

So how precisely do you remain healthy and keep your immune system high in order to avoid getting sick?

Here are a few tips:


Setting off to the exercise center to exercise not sound too perfect at this moment, yet you can in any case turn out at home. You can do squats, push ups, planks or leg lifts. Be that as it may, in particular, remember about cardio. Indeed, even a stroll around the area for 30 minutes will do your body wonders. Appreciate the outside air!

2. Manage your stress:

Truly, we realize this can be an unpleasant time for everybody. Be that as it may, attempt to deal with your stress. It will assist you with remaining healthy. Peruse a book, FaceTime a companion … or on the other hand utilize this opportunity to set up the nursery.

3. Cut back on alcohol:

In the event that you drink alcohol, drink just with some restraint. There are in reality a few advantages to having a beverage every once in a while, be that as it may, this doesn’t mean you should begin, the Mayo Clinic says. Keep away from numerous beverages in a given day.

4. Eat your fruits and vegetables:

Particularly in the event that you are telecommuting, you have a “break room” full of snacks and goodies. In any case, mull over what you are eating. As opposed to crunching on chips or cookies, what about grapes or nuts? The USDA prescribes eating five to nine servings of leafy foods every day. This can be indispensable to remaining healthy.

5. Get sleep:

Most grown-ups need 7 to 9 hours of rest for each night. A few grown-ups, in any case, can pull off only six, yet despite what might be expected, some need 10. More seasoned grown-ups (ages 65 and more established) need 7-8 hours of rest every day, they said.


You’re going to continue hearing this. Wash your hands – a ton – for 20 seconds. On the off chance that you are out on the town, discover a bathroom and wash them. On the off chance that you sneeze or cough, wash them. Likewise, abstain from contacting your face, eyes and nose.

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