It’s been said that Wall Street is where young talent trades youth for financial achievement. Each year hundreds of college and business school graduates show up in New York dreaming of wealth and power. 
But thousands of jobs have now vaporized in the most recent financial crisis. Many computer screens on Wall Street might as well be flashing the words “game over.” Bonuses have shrunk. Financial firms have cut back campus recruiting. And the young “Masters of the Universe” in training may be an endangered species. But one young wealth manager isn’t concerned, with a perspective that there will always be room to add value and thrive for those who are willing to act in the service of others and think creatively. 
As a high schooler, Adam Ibrahim secured a competitive internship on Wall Street in institutional sales. Since then, he has focused on creating value for institutions and high-net-worth individuals with a systematic, risk-managed global portfolio of market traded assets combined with real property assets in long-term durable areas. Adam’s market investment strategy employs strategic derivative usage to generate stability in times of volatility while his real estate investments focus on unlocking value through system automation, smart technology, and strategic renovations. 
Adam studied economics at Binghamton University while working for a small business law firm as a paralegal while building a property management company on the side. He became a principal and manager in more than 20 real estate investments in Upstate New York. His New York real estate firm brings institutional and accredited investors transparent and secure exposure to high-yield multifamily real estate assets in secondary and tertiary markets throughout the Northeast. Since 2014, Ibrahim has acquired over 50 properties in the Greater Binghamton area and established a full-service property management and maintenance operation. This venture has helped instill new capital and progress to distressed communities and contributed not only to Adam Ibrahim’s financial goals, but also his philanthropic ones. 
Growing up in New York in the early 1990s with a single mother and younger sister made Ibrahim hungry for financial stability while developing an appreciation for the community outside of the immediate family. Though busy developing various asset management strategies and businesses, Ibrahim hasn’t lost his focus on community engagement. As a Board Director of the greater Miami-Miami Beach Police Foundation and the Leatherstocking Cooperative Insurance Company, he’s focused on improving communities and better systemizing progressive and stabilizing measures in both the private and public sectors. 
As a young asset manager, Adam Ibrahim is turning heads and gaining traction as more and more clients benefit from his unique understanding of asset and risk management. While this Corona-inspired financial crisis has sent many spiraling, Ibrahim was able to leverage his extremely unique investment and asset management strategies to actually capitalize on the chaos and come away from the victor without opening his clients up to extreme risk by leveraging traditional assets in new ways. His experience and understanding allowed him to fully understand the ins-and-outs of investment in a complex environment and how to best utilize risk management tools to create value without opening up the portfolio to the crippling downside. Through this practice, he has garnered the attention of giants in the field and especially in his community where he continues to work supporting people through different philanthropic avenues.

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