Assess, Adapt, Advance – The 3 Steps to Success, per Manny Garcia

Starting a business is like going to war. It isn’t for the faint-hearted, nor can it be conducted without strategizing. And as the king of your business, you must deploy your combative instincts to create a winning strategy. As the poster boy of a rags-to-riches story, Manny Garcia is every bit that commander that a business requires to succeed. His secret approach to entrepreneurial success is simple – assess, adapt and advance.


Garcia’s childhood gave him ample time for self-assessment. He says, “My childhood had two prominent things – time and my ideas to fill it with. I saw my mother struggling to put food on the table. It broke my heart as a child, but I chose to assess my willpower and my inner strength to see if I could pull us out of those dire straits. To assess myself, I started doing all kinds of small jobs in my neighborhood and earned a name for my hard work and dedication. My self-assessment empowered me to start my first business in the Auto collision industry without any prior knowledge. Since then, I’ve always ensured that I assess every opportunity and obstacle, first from a distance and then up close.”


For me, adaptation was a follow-up to assessment. Once I understood a circumstance or a crisis thoroughly and realized that there was nothing that I could do to change the situation, I chose to change myself instead. I conceded to the nature of the problem, learned to adapt to its demands, and often found that it helped me ease my way through all kinds of situations. Adaptation gave me a sense of control over myself and my fate.”


If an assessment is like surveying the battle terrain for loopholes and advantages, and adaption is to align with the assessment results, then advancement is all about taking action. Manny says, “The first big move in business is made up of many small moves first. For me, to advance is to give all you’ve got, to take the plunge – whether starting your business from scratch or buying out another business.”  

The simplest truths are often self-evident. Therefore, it might be easy for some to call Garcia’s strategy a bit obvious, even expected. But for him, “they are the foundation on which I have built my businesses.”


Charizmia, the rapper everyone is talking about

After stepping into a studio in 2011, Charizmia knew who she wanted to become. After spending four years in the military and having two kids, Charizmia wanted to take her life and change it for the better. After growing up in poverty in Dothan Alabama, Charisma Paige grew up surrounded by music and passion for every type of music. Despite her involvement in a variety of enterprises and endeavors, she always knew she wanted to rap. She claims to come from a lineage of hidden talents, with singing running in her veins. Her uncle is a rapper, and her sister enjoys both singing and rapping, according to her. She describes her music as a way that individuals can express themselves and use it for motivational purposes. She wants people to see that anything is possible and that dreams don’t come true unless you work for them. Growing up with three other younger siblings, she knows what responsibilities of life are all about. She says that her family is always supportive and wants to ensure that she reaches the ultimate goal of success.

While she uses the music industry to display the hard times she’s lived through, there are many outcomes that come out of it as well. Charizmia wants people to know that it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you’re surrounded by, you can make it out.

As she continues to inspire young women around the United States, she hopes to eventually reach to all women around the world and show them the true meaning of hard work and perseverance.


Dr. Nitin J. Engineer on How to Leverage Your Time and Resources for Finding True Happiness

One of the most important questions a person can ponder is what makes them happy. Is it financial stability, pursuing interests, spending time with friends and family, traveling, certain tangible items, or taking your dog to the park? The next question is, what does a person need to achieve that happiness? According to performance coach Dr. Nitin J. Engineer, you need to start with time and money.

“More specifically, time is money, and while money cannot buy happiness, it makes it a lot easier to do the things that make you happy,” states Dr. Nitin. Some people don’t give wings to their ideas immediately but work another job to get their startup costs together or gain experience. Others spend years at a job before realizing they want a change in their life and follow their passion.

Dr. Nitin J. Engineer elaborates, “People do this because they would rather work for themselves instead of someone else.” Dr. Nitin is direct in his guidance that the first year of anything new can be brutal, yet the hard work and long days will pay off as your venture becomes profitable. “Think of this as an investment in yourself and happiness being a return on investment,” he adds.

As COVID 19 has kept people indoors, internet and social media use has skyrocketed, with more potential customers than ever scrolling Instagram when they would usually be in the office. Dr. Nitin J. Engineer explains, “These individuals will likely be happy to connect with celebrities and stars that provide a daily dose of motivation during these gloomy times.”

“To find happiness when launching your own personal brand, you must build your venture around something that excites you as well as your audience,” states Dr. Nitin J. Engineer. The last thing you want to do is create something that doesn’t motivate you. “You must wake up excited about your brand, not miserable. Ask yourself a question, “How do I invest in my happiness” and let things fall in place from there,” wraps Dr. Nitin J. Engineer.


See What’s Coming for Inkredible Kam in 2021

First, there was WAP. Now, there is PAN. The rising star who is responsible for this new hit single is InKredible Kam. Hailing from Louisville, KY, this female artist is already making her mark on the hip-hop music scene.

While she is still a newcomer to the industry, she is quickly joining the ranks of the other high-profile female hip hop artists we all know and love today, such as Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, and others. All of these women have been a source of inspiration to InKredible Kam, who one day soon sees herself alongside these fierce and talented women.

InKredible Kam has already released a few songs prior to PAN, and plans to drip-release tracks every month throughout 2021. She has also been offered a role in a Drake music video for his song Find Your Love. However, she turned it down due to not wanting to appear as simply a video vixen. InKredible Kam is incredibly persistent and determined to make her mark through her music first, with everything else coming second to that. While her looks are definitely striking and stunning on camera, InKredible Kam wants to be known as a music artist above all else.

This rising star in the hip hop world already has fans all over the world, and is bound to see a surge in popularity as 2021 moves forward. She is someone who never gives up on pursuing what makes her happy. That is why she has become a hip-hop artist. Music was always something she was extremely passionate about, and she enjoyed both listening to it and producing it. However, she was always turned off by all of the backroom deals and politics involved within the industry.

For InKredible Kam, producing music has been therapeutic for her throughout the challenging pandemic that has been filled with lockdowns, quarantines, and restrictions of all kinds. Being directly affected by everything that has been going on pushed InKredible Kam to turn to what makes her the happiest, which is music. The elevation she gets from singing and rapping has led her to release several songs, with a lot more to come in 2021. InKredible Kam plans to become the hottest star of 2021 among female hip-hop artists.

An increasing fanbase is seeing InKredible Kam as being one of the freshest and best female rappers in the world today. That is due to her art being different and incredibly versatile. Most producers who have worked with her have taken notice of her unique contributions to the rap game given how well she can lay down a track. She does not even see herself competing with other big-name female rappers because she doesn’t compete with anyone. She just makes great music and lets it speak for itself.


MKDFX Is Providing Customers a Unique Opportunity to Prosper through Online Trading

To help people over the world with their interest in online trading, MKDFX serves as one of a kind online trading platform. A lot has already been said about many firms and platforms that have dealt with online trading. Also, people on one side have been excited to grab opportunities at online trading, and some others have not taken the first step towards trying their hands at it. If done right, with the right procedures and strategies at hand with a trusted platform, online trading can prove to give the best results and profits to people, believe the experts at MKDFX. The platform is growing in leaps and bounds with its robust services and opportunities it offers people globally.

If it is about trading stocks, nothing beats MKDFX with its wide range of opportunities it offers people to go ahead and reap maximum benefits through the same. MKDFX is determined to change the outlook of people for financial markets and raise the bar for other trading entrepreneurs by offering unique services.
With the infinite forex trading opportunities that MKDFX and MKD Trading offer, it also goes ahead in providing more than 80 pairs of currencies, which includes exotic, major, and minor and also gives opportunities to people to trade a host of commodities like futures, stocks and index metals.
Amongst the many amazing things about MKDFX, one of the most attractive parts about it is that it provides access to people with a large range of products and diverse trading instruments from six varied asset classes. Their products are created by keeping in mind to act as solutions catering to different businesses. It makes online trading all the more easy and accessible for people where they can invest online in their choice of more than 2,000 local and global assets.

MKDFX races ahead with also offering a flash bonus of 200% and a minimum deposit of 100 euros, amongst many other things. So, what are you waiting for? Grab on this opportunity and register with MKDFX by logging in and entering the amount you wish to invest.

Visit their website, to know more.


Ugur Aslan on How He Used Instagram to Increase Business Opportunities

To stay relevant in the world of the internet, it is essential for businesses to keep up with the progression of social media and the way people use it. Digital marketers have time and again hinted at how social media platforms need to be utilized, owing to its strengths, reach, and features. And if there’s one platform that continues to have ‘the’ moment in 2021, it is Instagram. In fact, a majority of users say they stumbled upon new products and services not through e-commerce sites or offline stores but instead Instagram. One such entrepreneur cum investor who’s leveraging Instagram to create brand awareness for Proterra Cosmetics is Uğur Aslan.

As the founder of a brand that caters to customers from across 18 countries, Aslan strongly believes they’ve managed to attain so much popularity and recognition globally only because of the power of online marketing, particularly social media. Having witnessed the highs and lows of entrepreneurship first-hand since commencement in 2005, Aslan shares the key to growing amidst tight competition in the market is to engage with audiences on a regular basis, once the right platform to find potential customers is figured. From his personal experience, he says, limiting our efforts to one or two sources helped us introduce and grow Proterra as a brand as well as manage inquiries.

At present, Aslan shares, Proterra is on the line of progress with firm steps that move towards the right direction day after day. The benefits, he noticed, of running a business account, included direct access to features like Instagram insights, Instagram Ads, and aptly displayed contact information – something that personal accounts don’t offer. Though fairly new to the world of social media, Aslan says, “Nothing is impossible if you’re willing to learn, adapt, and evolve. When I’m asked to talk about my traits, I like defining myself as someone who’s a lifelong learner.”

Speaking on how he managed to expand Proterra world-over merely through Instagram, the CEO of the cosmetic brand added, “During my journey of exploring and understanding Instagram, I soon realized connecting with and learning from influencers and maintaining relationships with customers is extremely vital. Besides, there’s no harm in investing in advertising and promoted posts. Along the way, keep measuring your progress.”

Proterra Cosmetics’ success ladder is a testament to the fact that brands must consider Instagram to be very “critical” and in case that’s not happened yet, it must top the list of marketing moves to be taken in 2021!


Interview: Omani Film Producer Mohammed Alssadi on His Starry Life and Hollywood Aspirations

As a film producer, you should be knowledgeable of media production in theory and all the production equipment used. Be a person who is flexible and open to change; different films are shot in different places. So basically you should be willing to work anywhere and everywhere. As per noted film producer Mohamed Alsaadi, you need to be thorough, pay attention to detail, and have leadership skills. Here are more such insights from the ace producer.

How did you become a film producer? What inspired you?

Mohamed Alsaadi – From a young age, I was enthusiastic about films. Growing up, there were so many films that I loved and enjoyed watching. I visited cinema halls during my time, and at the end of each film, I made sure I knew the director, author, and producer of the film. Cinematography is considered a distinguishing industry in different countries. Being Arab, I would also like to put our country in the limelight and showcase our skills to the world.

What do you look for in a script?

Mohamed Alsaadi – A good script can be one that will keep the viewer and reader at the edge of their seats. Keep them guessing and drop subtle hints. A good script can also be the simplest story that ties up neatly at the end. So many things make up a good script, but personally, I like an engaging story that is not only meaningful but intrinsically ties together film and culture together.

What checks and balances do you do when managing budgets?

Mohamed Alsaadi – It isn’t easy to ensure this, to be honest. But in my experience, when coming up with a budget, try to be minimal as possible and ensure you do not compromise the film’s quality. Talk to the cast and cut down on materialism because in the end, for the film to be a success pocket-wise, the production cost should not exceed what you make after the success of the film.

What are the challenges you have faced as a film producer?

Mohamed Alsaadi – Budget constraints are always a challenge. Film production is a process that will always involve unexpected situations, and it is quite challenging to navigate these setbacks and dead ends from time to time. The biggest challenge has been trying to get Hollywood films into Arab platforms and getting our films into the international market. The pandemic has not taken it easy on the film industry either, so that’s a challenge we’re currently facing.

What is your advice to new and aspiring film producers?

Mohamed Alsaadi – Film production is easy and hard at the same time; it all depends on your mindset and how passionate you are. Before venturing into the industry, conduct research, assess and analyze the market well, and be versatile. With a clear goal and a positive mindset, nothing is impossible.


Gino Fracchiolla’s Inspirational Story Is Just the Motivation You Need to Pursue Your Dreams in 2021

Success doesn’t always come wrapped in bows and ribbons, it is often the result of a lot of struggle, pain, and overcoming yourself before you get the bows and ribbons. Gino Fracchiolla knows painfully well what it means to hit rock bottom and climb your way out.

Born in Bari, Italy, Gino grew up in the United States, between New York and Los Angeles. His life took a turn when he got involved in drugs and gangs. This cost him years of sobriety and resulted in almost 10 years of his life being spent behind bars for drug trafficking.

When he got out, Gino began the journey to sobriety and he has been clean for over three years since. Taking charge of his life, he founded his business, Infiniti Marketing Group, that is a public relations and digital media firm catering to his growing clientele.

His ability to network and his dedication to his business saw him attract almost 200 high-end clients in a short time without any advertising. His business has mainly grown through referrals and word of mouth as he represents every kind of client who needs his services, from luxury realtors and celebrities down to local mom-and-pop shops.

Turning his life around, battling addiction, and becoming an entrepreneur have launched him into becoming the founder of a multimillion-dollar company with a team around him. His main source of motivation is the fact that there are many people depending on his business to feed themselves and their families.

Another point of focus for Gino now is ensuring that he helps reduce the recidivism rate by educating and helping ex-cons reacclimate to society. He is working towards building a non-profit specifically dedicated to this.

As a business person, you need to establish a relationship with your clients. Gino recommends going hard for your clients, being the best, listening to them, and being genuine with them. That extra mile separates successful entrepreneurs from the rest.

Gino is extremely proud of his success and progress so far and believes that given a chance, many more people can recover and rebuild their lives from the ground up. Asked about how he gets his work done, Gino said that he believes in waking up early and getting so much done before the world even begins to wake up that others would do in a whole day. This way, one can be more productive.

Even as you work towards building your dream, Gino emphasizes the importance of taking a break every now and then to recharge. He believes it is important to take care of yourself first by exercising and eating well.


7 Nick Pulos quotes that will help you crush it

Throughout your cruise through life, you experience some high and low moments, and all you need is a little pick me up to tide you through. Sometimes it’s in the form of a person, a quote or even something delicious to munch on.

In his journey, Nick Pulos has experienced obstacles and challenges that have taught him many important lessons. From that well of knowledge, he shares with us meaningful lessons that will help you through life.

In your Professional life

It is not easy to crush it in your professional life, whether you’re an entrepreneur or in employment. “When things get tough, keep moving,” advises Pulos. In his experience, he has found that if you don’t give up or take a step back due to challenges, you can solve the challenge facing you.

“A positive mindset will crumble any walls of odds stacked against you.” True to this, Nick mentions that your attitude towards anything you face in life determines how well you handle it. Your mindset can keep you shackled to a path that doesn’t lead you anywhere.

Pulos also emphasizes the need to “always remember that there are new landscapes to explore and bigger goals to chase down.” The only limit you have in life is your imagination; you can achieve anything you put your mind to. It is also important to “remember to diversify your skills.”

In your Personal life

In personal life, Nick says, “you should find something that helps you start your morning on a high. Every morning I spend an hour listening to music.” Do something that prepares your mind and body for a new day.

“A life of imbalance is riskier than any entrepreneurial venture.” A lot of times, people focus their attention on one aspect of life and forget the other. Don’t forget that your personal and professional lives should not be too far apart, if not in tandem.

“Trying new things is how you learn what works and what doesn’t,” says Nick, similar to don’t knock it until you try it. If you’re going to crush it in life, you need to try new things, put your ideas to practice and learn from those that don’t work; focus on those that do.

In a perfect world, everyone lives their dream life, and Nick says that it’s not impossible. You can achieve your dream life if you work for it.


Learn the story behind Diemond Star’s revolutionary drumsticks

Music leads you to destinations. It was this passion for music that led Landon to create more than he had ever aspired. Landon Hall is an American musician, songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur. His versatility with the drums has influenced many upcoming talents. Landon has shared the stage with artists like Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Chad Smith and many others. When he recognized many are as passionate about drumming as him, he founded the exclusive Diemond Star drumming community.

“Diemond Star is my baby. I have put in a lot of thought and process in creating the perfect pair of drumsticks for my fellow drummers. The correct pair of drumsticks in your hand changes the entire feel of it,” shares Landon. In his musical journey over the years, Landon observed that there was a need for a pair of drumsticks that could evade the shock. Landon decided to put his expertise to execution. He ended up creating a revolution. Drummers today use Diemond Star drumsticks and swear by them.

These premium drumsticks are carefully crafted using the finest American hickory. These drumsticks are excellent in absorbing shock. This seemingly-trivial yet crucial change enables the drummer to go on without worrying about fatigue. Every pair is pitch-paired and weight-matched. The unique design of each stick opens up room for a versatile performance. Landon says they are the first company to remodel the 6A stick. They offer all the stick sizes but the 6A is the most sought after. Landon shares, “I am very happy with the way Diemond Star drumsticks are being received. They are perfectly balanced, precision-engineered, and drummers are loving them!”

The name of the company is as unique as the product. The resemblance of “Diemond” to “Diamond” is mysterious. Landon lets us in on this secret. The first three letters signify the highlighting factor that sets the drumsticks apart. Landon shares, “The shock dies out.” The logo resembles an upside-down treble clef. The hand holding a stick with three fingers raised has multiple meanings. It is a representation of the swaying motion/style that drummers are often found when doing a stick trick illusion. It also shows the three syllables in the name. The company has also added brushes and musical instrument accessories to its product list. Diemond Star is the fastest-growing drumstick brand and Landon is proud of this success, putting the Diemond Star community first!