First, there was WAP. Now, there is PAN. The rising star who is responsible for this new hit single is InKredible Kam. Hailing from Louisville, KY, this female artist is already making her mark on the hip-hop music scene.

While she is still a newcomer to the industry, she is quickly joining the ranks of the other high-profile female hip hop artists we all know and love today, such as Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, and others. All of these women have been a source of inspiration to InKredible Kam, who one day soon sees herself alongside these fierce and talented women.

InKredible Kam has already released a few songs prior to PAN, and plans to drip-release tracks every month throughout 2021. She has also been offered a role in a Drake music video for his song Find Your Love. However, she turned it down due to not wanting to appear as simply a video vixen. InKredible Kam is incredibly persistent and determined to make her mark through her music first, with everything else coming second to that. While her looks are definitely striking and stunning on camera, InKredible Kam wants to be known as a music artist above all else.

This rising star in the hip hop world already has fans all over the world, and is bound to see a surge in popularity as 2021 moves forward. She is someone who never gives up on pursuing what makes her happy. That is why she has become a hip-hop artist. Music was always something she was extremely passionate about, and she enjoyed both listening to it and producing it. However, she was always turned off by all of the backroom deals and politics involved within the industry.

For InKredible Kam, producing music has been therapeutic for her throughout the challenging pandemic that has been filled with lockdowns, quarantines, and restrictions of all kinds. Being directly affected by everything that has been going on pushed InKredible Kam to turn to what makes her the happiest, which is music. The elevation she gets from singing and rapping has led her to release several songs, with a lot more to come in 2021. InKredible Kam plans to become the hottest star of 2021 among female hip-hop artists.

An increasing fanbase is seeing InKredible Kam as being one of the freshest and best female rappers in the world today. That is due to her art being different and incredibly versatile. Most producers who have worked with her have taken notice of her unique contributions to the rap game given how well she can lay down a track. She does not even see herself competing with other big-name female rappers because she doesn’t compete with anyone. She just makes great music and lets it speak for itself.

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