A few weeks after beginning to roll out the OxygenOS 14 open beta upgrade for selected models, OnePlus has released the OxygenOS 14 Open Beta 2. A few of the new features that will be added to supported OnePlus handsets by the update, which is based on Android 14, have been described by OnePlus. After the Made by Google event on October 4, at which the Pixel 8 series of smartphones will also be unveiled, Android 14 is expected to be made available for being eligible Google Pixel smartphones. When OxygenOS 14 is made stable, which is expected to happen in November, the OnePlus 11 5G will be the first device to receive it.

New features in OxygenOS 14

In a community post, the organization announced several new features that would be included in OxygenOS 14. This update adds the Trinity Engine, which, according to OnePlus, is designed to handle multitasking, demanding workloads, and extended usage better than previous OS platforms by distributing the phone’s internal resources to improve performance and provide longer battery life.

According to OnePlus, OxygenOS 14 on the OnePlus 11 offers 20 minutes more battery life than OxygenOS 13 without compromising performance. According to reports, ROM Vitalisation in OxygenOS 14 will keep OnePlus phones operating quickly and smoothly even after 48 months of continuous use.

The HyperRendering, HyperTouch, and HyperBoost technologies aim to provide a more dynamic and immersive gaming experience with OxygenOS 14. In order to address power consumption issues without compromising a steady frame rate experience, OnePlus claims that its upcoming version of HyperBoost will feature AI machine learning, intelligent performance control, and graphics element layout methodologies.

In OxygenOS 14, OnePlus has added the Device Security Engine 3.0, which is based on the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), for security. A new unified interface will be part of the Security Centre’s upgrades, and it is said that it will make it simpler for users to manage the device’s security status and privacy settings. In order to protect password usage by third parties, OxygenOS 14 also introduces Strong Box, a chip-level security encryption technology that is powered by the integrated eSE (embedded Secure Element) security chip.

According to OnePlus, Auto Pixelate 2.0 on OxygenOS 14 hides additional private information, including as contact details and credit card numbers, when sharing screenshots. OxygenOS 14 introduces a new photo and video permission management option with the “Ask every time” function. When enabled, a pop-up box will request your consent before allowing the application access to your pictures and videos.

The new Smart Cutout feature in OxygenOS 14 allows up to three items to be recognized and cropped out by long-pressing on a topic in a picture or video for a long period of time. According to reports, it may help in locating and separating the subject of a picture from complex backgrounds or even in group photos.

OxygenOS 14 is based on Aquamorphic Design 2.0, which gives warnings to users within bubbles, capsules, and panels in an organically integrated and flowing manner. It also contains a Fluid Cloud feature. With this update, there are now eleven new global UI sound designs, including nine sets of call, alarm, and notification ringtones with an Aquamorphic theme.

Users will reportedly be able to utilize certain gestures to control the File Dock functionality in the next OxygenOS 14 version. It claims to provide simpler information gathering, analysis, and dissemination via the Dock or other apps. With the Go Green AOD feature, which intuitively modifies the new device AOD carbon footprint theme, the update also seeks to assist users in making daily decisions that are healthier and more environmentally responsible.

The list of devices that are expected to receive the OxygenOS 14 update was recently announced by OnePlus. Beginning in October, a select few devices will start receiving beta updates, and a second group of phones will receive the update in November. The OnePlus 11 5G will be the first model to get a stable OxygenOS 14 update.

In October, customers of the OnePlus Pad, OnePlus Nord 3 5G, OnePlus 11R 5G, OnePlus 10 Pro 5G, and OnePlus 10T 5G will be able to download the OxygenOS 14 Open Beta. Users of the OnePlus 10R 5G, OnePlus 9 Pro 5G, OnePlus 9 5G, OnePlus 9R 5G, OnePlus 9RT 5G, OnePlus 8T 5G, OnePlus Nord CE 3 5G, OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite 5G, OnePlus Nord N30 5G, OnePlus Nord 2T 5G, and OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite will be able to take part in the beta in November. The company had also made sure that the Nord N20 SE would receive a reliable OS concurrently with the chosen handsets.

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