Music leads you to destinations. It was this passion for music that led Landon to create more than he had ever aspired. Landon Hall is an American musician, songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur. His versatility with the drums has influenced many upcoming talents. Landon has shared the stage with artists like Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Chad Smith and many others. When he recognized many are as passionate about drumming as him, he founded the exclusive Diemond Star drumming community.

“Diemond Star is my baby. I have put in a lot of thought and process in creating the perfect pair of drumsticks for my fellow drummers. The correct pair of drumsticks in your hand changes the entire feel of it,” shares Landon. In his musical journey over the years, Landon observed that there was a need for a pair of drumsticks that could evade the shock. Landon decided to put his expertise to execution. He ended up creating a revolution. Drummers today use Diemond Star drumsticks and swear by them.

These premium drumsticks are carefully crafted using the finest American hickory. These drumsticks are excellent in absorbing shock. This seemingly-trivial yet crucial change enables the drummer to go on without worrying about fatigue. Every pair is pitch-paired and weight-matched. The unique design of each stick opens up room for a versatile performance. Landon says they are the first company to remodel the 6A stick. They offer all the stick sizes but the 6A is the most sought after. Landon shares, “I am very happy with the way Diemond Star drumsticks are being received. They are perfectly balanced, precision-engineered, and drummers are loving them!”

The name of the company is as unique as the product. The resemblance of “Diemond” to “Diamond” is mysterious. Landon lets us in on this secret. The first three letters signify the highlighting factor that sets the drumsticks apart. Landon shares, “The shock dies out.” The logo resembles an upside-down treble clef. The hand holding a stick with three fingers raised has multiple meanings. It is a representation of the swaying motion/style that drummers are often found when doing a stick trick illusion. It also shows the three syllables in the name. The company has also added brushes and musical instrument accessories to its product list. Diemond Star is the fastest-growing drumstick brand and Landon is proud of this success, putting the Diemond Star community first!

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