Many entrepreneurs today succeed without ever needing or utilizing their college degrees. However, higher education teaches more than just theory, and entrepreneur Sal Rich is living proof. At 27 years of age, he has three Masters’ degrees in engineering, runs multiple 6-figure businesses, and is also a highly successful investor in the cryptocurrency niche. Here he talks about his journey with the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Rich grew up in West Babylon, New York, wanting to be his own boss and earning to his maximum potential. He has a passion for learning the entrepreneurship business model and has implemented it to invest in various companies in the e-commerce sector. Rich is the co-founder of popular teeth whitening brand VS1 and the founder of trademarked nutraceutical brand Eclipse Relief. He says, “Throughout my degree, I networked with many people. It taught me the soft skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur.”

Being financially independent is the dream of many, and Rich aptly points out that as an entrepreneur, building multiple streams of income is possible and indispensable in the current day scenario. His brand VS1 offers premium teeth whitening products, including a charcoal powder, a teeth whitening pen, and a teeth whitening kit as seen on social media with tons of positive reviews. He comments, “VS1 is cruelty-free, and people with tooth sensitivity and fillings can also use it. The LED wavelengths have no side effects, and we offer a full refund in case the client is not satisfied with the product.”

The brand Eclipse Relief supplies 100% natural premium quality supplements that are made in the USA and come in a lot of variants aimed at improving health and immunity while killing harmful bacteria. Rich is not afraid of change and rather welcomes it. He has diversified his career into many niches and industries and scaled his businesses to millions of dollars in net worth. He believes that everyone can create their own wealth, and it all depends on the amount of hard work and dedication they are willing to put in.

After graduating from Arizona State University in 2019, Sal Rich has risen to be one of the most influential young entrepreneurs and philanthropists. He agrees that his college degree helped mold him into a better person and form lifelong connections.

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