Born in 2002, Nika Falahi is making waves in the music industry, thanks to her melodious and heart touching voice.  Nika Falahi has been fascinated by art, music, and culture since her early childhood. She dreamt of reaching the world and creating an impact through her singing skills and being an artist when she was 14 and today, all of her dreams have come true.

She was a special kid right from the start. Her participation in high school dramas and decision to build a career in art & theater contributed significantly towards her shift to Music. Her songs are loved by the fans worldwide today.

Her music is phenomenal that instantly strikes a connection with the audience. Her best songs to date are:

  • Parvaneh
  • Party Summer
  • Mehmooni
  • Entezar
  • Nafas
  • New Wave

Nika Falahi began posting on Instagram for fun but after receiving some seriously positive feedback on her music, she picked it up as a career. Today, her Instagram account has over 3.7 million followers.

She also interacts with her fans via YouTube vlogs, Q&A videos, and more. Her Spotify account is a goldmine of soul-touching and soothing music. 

At the moment, Nika Falahi is working on some high-profile undisclosed music projects which are expected to be released next year! Keep an eye on what this young musical talent has in store for us by following her on social media!

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