Podcast transcripts and additional choices for protecting your iPhone from theft were among the new features that Apple included to iOS 17.4 when it published the update on March 5. The Journal app and the option to turn off inline predictive text in iMessage were two long-awaited additions that were added in an earlier release, iOS 17.2, from December.

Inline predictive text was one of the new features introduced by Apple with iOS 17 in September. This anticipates (albeit not always properly) what you’re going to write as you type, and when you hit space, it immediately adds the suggested content. However, if the feature misinterpreted your message, you might need to start anew and erase the offending word or phrase. With iOS 17.2, Apple appears to have taken note of the comments from several users, including yourself, who found the function unpleasant.

This is the Way to Disable Inline Predictive Text

Disable inline predictive text.
1. Go into Settings
2. Press the General
3. Press Keyboards
4. Press the button that indicates “Show Predictions Inline.”

You won’t have to worry about accidentally typing a word when you’re typing a message now. Predictive text, including recommended words and emoticons, will continue to appear over your keyboard.

Disable all predictive text.

You may also easily turn off all predictive text if you find it annoying. How to do it is as follows:

1. Go into Settings
2. Press the General
3. Press the Keyboard
4. Press the button next to the text prediction.

You won’t see a box with suggested words or emoticons over your keyboard while you type a message right now. You won’t see any suggestions at all if you turn off predictive text because doing so also turns off inline predictive text. Without any interruptions, you can type.

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