According to The Information, Microsoft and OpenAI are developing a supercomputer that might cost up to $100 billion and require millions of specialized server processors. According to the site, the US-based supercomputer dubbed “Stargate” will be the focal point of the firms’ five-phase plan for a series of supercomputer installations over the course of the next six years. According to people with knowledge, Stargate might start as early as 2028. Executives from both firms have reportedly already developed designs for the data center project.

“We are always planning for the next generation of infrastructure innovations needed to continue pushing the frontier of AI capability,” a Microsoft representative stated in reference to the study.

What Report Addressed Funding for Stargate?

According to the story, Microsoft has already pledged over $13 billion to OpenAI and is probably going to fund Stargate as well. Microsoft has the only right to market OpenAI’s technology to its own clients. OpenAI now powers its generative AI system ChatGPT using Microsoft data centers.

What is Currently Known about Stargate?

According to reports, the supercomputer might cost a hundred times as much as the biggest data centers that are now in use. It might also surpass the processing capacity that Microsoft presently provides to OpenAI from its data center. According to reports, the supercomputer would need at least several gigawatts of power to accomplish this.

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