According to a reliable source, Jonah Hill reportedly in talks to play next Batman, and he has been in negotiations to either act as The Riddler in Matt Reeves or The Penguin. He can be one of the next Oscar nominated actor to be a part of the Dark Knight. However, it is to be worth stating here that negotiations are still tentative and the question of these negotiations will be successful or not will ending up sinking the deal together.

Conversely another reliable source reported that the Wolf of Wall Street actor will play the role of Riddler and not the Penguin. Being unclear where the discrepancy stems from; majority of the reports have suggested that Hill’s villain remains undecided. We must take any of the confirmed news with a grain of salt indeed.

Reports are there Jeffrey Wright, playing Lowe in Westworld has also entered the talks to play Batman’s longtime ally Commissioner Gordon. There have been indications that Mahershala Ali was wanted for the said role where he actually decided to play Blasé in the Marvel Cinematic Universe instead.

Coming back to theHill’s point, the producer has yet not signed the deal and it seems as if it will not happen. However, both sides are sitting on the table and negotiate on the 35 years old Hill joining the cast.

Pre-production of theBatman and its filming is expected to begin as early as the end of this year. The project has now been put up on the faster track after resting on the shelves for years.

Ben Affleck was the original director of the said project however he handed off the direction duties to Reeves in January 2017. When Reeves made his mind to tell the story of Bruce Wayne’s detective work and then being changed into Batman, Affleck stepped away and took his turn as the last character in the Justice League.

Reeves was able to find his Batman in May when he actually signed Pattinson however the 33 years old actor was sad and low when the news of his audition leaked to the press even before it actually tool place.

Pattinson said that when this thing got exposed, we all were furious and upset. Everyone from the team was panicking and I thought that may be everything has been blown up now. I was like did it all happen because they are intending on the secrecy.

In addition to the rumors of Jonah Hill joining in the cast, it has also been heard that Westworld star Jeffrey Wright is likely to be playing the Commissioner Gordon. However it is worth stating that neither of their reps have commented on these rumors so far.    

We all know that earlier bloodthirsty Robert Pattinson is all set to be portraying the eponymous star of the Batman being played by Matt Reeves. He has earlier worked as Dawn of the Planet of Apes, Cloverfield, and the War of the Planet of Apes. The batman has scheduled to be released in on June 25, 2021.    

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