As the carmaker gets ready for an electric future, the renowned Lamborghini brand is getting a makeover. As part of this change, Lamborghini unveiled a new corporate identity and logo.

Updated Logo and a Fresh Design are Unveiled by Lamborghini

More than twenty years have passed since Lamborghini last altered its iconic emblem. The company’s creator, Ferruccio Lamborghini, was born under the sign of Taurus, and the black and gold bull, which represents power, performance, and agility, is getting a contemporary makeover.

The redesign of Lamborghini is a component of a larger shift toward “sustainability and decarbonization.” By the end of 2024, the performance brand will electrify its whole collection.

The redesign aims to more accurately convey the “brave,” “unexpected,” and “authentic” qualities of its brand-new goal, “Driving Humans Beyond.”

It seeks to “create a solid pact with future generations,” according to Lambo, and act as a model for long-term, steady advancement.

Future cars and the brand overall will sport the new appearance. Even though the new logo is extremely similar to the old one, you can tell that the Lamborghini name is more prominent due to the use of a “broader” typeface.

It stands out even more because, for the first time, the iconic bull is designed separately from the shield.

Additionally, the main colors of it are black and white, with touches of yellow and gold. Every car made in the future will have the new logo. According to Lambo, the updated logo ushers in “a new phase in the company’s positioning.”

Changing to a Lineup that is Electric

Lamborghini intends to electrify its whole lineup by the end of the year, which coincides with the refresh. With new electrified models, the brand plans to reduce emissions by 40% per car by 2030 as part of its “Direzione Cor Tauri” strategy.

With the release of the Revuelto plug-in hybrid last year, Lamborghini began its metamorphosis. By introducing the Huracan PHEV and the first hybrid Urus SUV in 2024, the brand will quicken the transition.

This will result in the 2028 release of Lamborghini’s first entirely electric car, which is shown off by the Lanzador concept. Lambo is developing its first “Super SUV” that will run entirely on electricity and be released in 2029.

When Lamborghini unveiled the Lanzador, its first all-electric vehicle concept, in August of last year, it stunned the internet.

The high-riding 2+2 GT maintains a Lambo’s performance while combining the adaptability of an everyday driver. With the Lanzador, the company is “looking into our future without forgetting our DNA,” according to CEO Stephan Winkelmann.

A sports steering wheel, two digital screens, and bucket seats give the inside of a Lamborghini an air of a cockpit.

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