How to grow on Youtube as a Couple?

Being a couple, you would like to spend more time with your partner and capture the memories you can recall when you grow old. If you are looking for something that can strengthen the relationship between you and your partner, you should start a Couple’s Youtube channel. You can get a lot of benefits by creating a youtube channel as you have the freedom of speech, freedom to post, and you can be your own boss. It may sound easy but starting a Youtube channel comes with a lot of challenges. 

You can easily create a channel on youtube, but the main question is, “How to grow on YouTube as a couple.” The main challenge lies here. You have to decide what type of content you should post to get more views and subscribers and what should you do to keep your audience engaged with your channel. Alexandra Creteau and David MurriettaJr

have been doing this for quite a long time, and they are running a successful Couple YouTube Channel known as Dalex Vlogs

Who They Are And What Do They Do?

Alexandra and David are a perfect couple. They are made for each other, whether they are on-screen or off-screen. 

Alexandra was born in Ukraine but moved to the USA at the age of 21. Alexandra is both an actress and a model, but acting is her main interest. Alexandra is very professional and has a likable personality. She is very passionate about her work, and she enjoys every moment of her life, whether she is at work or at home with her fiance. She is very active on Instagram, and you can follow her @AlexandraCreteau (297K followers).

David is a professional and seasoned actor. He was born on July 4th, 1986, in San Jose. David is a charming and good looking personality. It might be because he has half Mexican and half Korean heritage. Professionalism, promptness, and innovation are his core values. His fans follow him for his blog posts, tips on lifestyle and fashion, and his modeling images on Instagram @David_Murrietta (50K followers).

They are engaged and living together. Besides their professional careers, they have also created a successful Youtube channel. They are running the channel as a couple, and they usually share daily life vlogs, couple videos and useful tips for youth.

Now, if you want to start a couple youtube channel and want to know how Alexandra and David made their channel successful, then make sure you read the full article.

Tips For Growing On Youtube As A Couple

Staying Together Is The Key

As discussed earlier, David and Alexandra are engaged and are living together. Both of them have the same level of commitment and understanding for each other. Both of them share a very strong bond, and when they work together, they form a very strong team. They share their responsibilities, and each one of them plays their part in their growth on Youtube.  

So being a couple, if you have started a youtube channel, but you are not living together, then you will face a lot of challenges. You won’t be able to bring productivity and innovation to your channel if you are not staying together. You have to spend time with each other to show your audience what a real couple looks like, and living together is the only way to do it appropriately. 

Choose A Suitable Niche

Selecting a suitable niche for your channel is very important. This is a factor that decides which kind of audience you are going to target. If you target the wrong audience, then, in the end, you will only end up regretting your decision. Alexandra and David are working on lifestyle and fashion. As both of them are actors and have a strong fan base, this niche suits them very well. So be like them and choose a niche in which both you and your partner are comfortable and can deliver your best. 

Be Consistent And Punctual

Running a Youtube channel isn’t easy as you need to be consistent and punctual. You have to keep your audience posted; otherwise, they will lose interest in your channel. One thing that you must remember is that it is a 24/7 job. You are continuously looking for new ideas for your content. Also, there are some challenges that you face in the beginning because you cannot hire a team for editing and channel management. Despite your busy schedule and daily routine, you have to give time to your channel and your audience. It may seem exhaustive, but every successful YouTuber has done this, and you have to follow the same path. 

Apply Best SEO Practices

To make your couple’s channel successful, you need to understand the working of Youtube’s algorithm and different search engine optimization techniques to rank your videos. You have to work on attractive thumbnails, find high volume keywords, appropriate tags, and optimized titles that will help you to grow your channel quickly and organically. Alexandra and David also do proper research and apply best SEO practices before uploading a video, and that’s why their channel is growing at unparalleled speed. 

Enjoy Your Work

Although you may face several challenges when you are running a Youtube channel as a couple, you should enjoy every moment that you spend together when you are working on the channel. It will help you to improve your symmetry and will strengthen your relationship. Alexandra and David do the same. They love spending time with each other, and when they are making videos for their channel, they enjoy every second of it.

You can follow their youtube channel Dalex Vlogs if you want to see what they do and take inspiration from them. One of the best Youtube couples Channel you must follow.

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