Perhaps the most interesting thing about entrepreneurs is their back story. It is almost always about people who take the less travelled path, the one with more risk. Even reading such accounts give goosebumps because not many of us have the courage and strength to go against the 9 to 5 job routine and risk the stability that comes with it.

Raised in the city of Vancouver in Canada, Mathieu Tyler Jang is a serial entrepreneur who is one of the world’s most successful, vouched for and accomplished internet marketing specialists. Mathieu has successfully helped hundreds of people run immensely profitable and revenue generating  online businesses.

Mathieu’s is a story of relentless effort and guided passion. Since a young age, he had seen a lot of difficulties and hardships in life and he had this mighty dream of getting out of this monotonous routine and making it big in life. There were countless nights where he just sat in bed and deliberated about the possibilities of a good, abundant future. Probably one of the most game-changing qualities that Mathieu possessed is the quality of not cribbing continuously. He focussed more on working and had faith in himself. There was a time when he worked for $9 per hour at a butcher shop. Even this minimum wage situation didn’t deter him from the dream of achieving phenomenal success in life.

He dropped out of college the moment he came to know that his Business Studies professor himself hadn’t run a business in his life. He remembers doubting whether someone could teach him something that they themselves hadn’t experienced in life. It might’ve been a reckless decision but it was one of the first steps that led Mathieu to the position and place of a renowned marketing specialist and serial entrepreneur.  It was as if the universe listened to Mathieu and rewarded him for the hardworking teenager that he had always been. One night he came across an advertisement on Facebook where he saw people his own age travelling the world. Through this very advertisement, he found a mentor who guided him to the world of paid advertisements and the art of generating clients and profits through the Internet.

Mathieu Tyler Jang welcomed and grasped this opportunity. Before long he had identified the growing vast potential of online businesses because at that time online marketing was in its initial stage. You can call it a first-mover advantage but this advantage is only reaped by individuals who keep an open eye and have the ability to take that initial risk. Jang spent days, nights and months working on his skill set and trained himself relentlessly.  When he became confident of his skills, he launched his own venture through which he started helping inexperienced people gain a competitive edge by bringing their businesses online and generating more revenue than before.

Jang, who is just 29 years of age, has already generated over $100-million in online sales for his clients while helping a lot of others take that first step and start their own Internet-based businesses. Jang also has various coaching programs where he coaches students on the skill of selling and identifying market potentials and more.

In today’s date, a lot of marketing specialists who are actually fake experts have cropped up. But Mathieu Tyler Jang remains one of the most authentic and skilled marketing specialists today and this is vouched for by the hundreds of students who attend his programs and the thousands of businesses that he has helped reach the next level.

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