New sports seats for the eagerly awaited Tesla Model 3 Performance with the “Highland” update have been discovered in the wild.

the updated Model 3 for over six months. Although it was introduced in North America relatively recently, it has been in Europe and Asia since the previous year.

However, Model 3 Performance is a crucial component that is absent from the picture.

Only the RWD Standard Range and Dual Motor Long Range models of the Model 3 were reinstated by the company when it unveiled the redesigned Model 3.

While there are still 2023 Model 3 Performance available, Tesla has not yet released the top-tier model of its redesigned electric sedan.

It seems that the new Model 3 Performance has more features. Physically, the previous iteration of the car was nearly identical to two other trim levels. In essence, Tesla would increase the brake size, add a spoiler to the Model 3 Dual Motor, and increase the engine’s output.

New badges appeared in the most recent Tesla parts catalog, confirming the automaker’s plans to release a high-performance Model 3 Highland.

Additionally, Tesla added new sports seats to the app’s renderings, which are presumably intended for the upcoming Model 3 Performance.

Prototypes of the Model 3 Performance have been seen wearing camouflage more recently. In comparison to the recently released Model 3, which already has a revised bumper, it did seem to display an even more updated front lip.

The front bumper of the prototype is still camouflaged, and it is identified as a “engineering vehicle.”

This prototype makes it evident that the new sports seats with increased side support are present:
You can still notice that the front lip appears updated despite the camouflage:
It’s quite obvious now that the hardware for the upcoming Model 3 Performance will be different. Seeing what kind of performance it receives will be intriguing.

The previous Model 3 performance took 3.1 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour.
I’m not sure when Tesla intends to release the updated Model 3 Performance, but given the number of sighted prototypes, it might happen soon. Nonetheless, Tesla is still stocking certain 2023 Model 3 Performance models in the United States.

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