Avi Hiaeve on how buying a luxury watch is an excellent investment

Gone are the days when watches were just a timepiece; they’re now a fashion statement and an investment. Who would have thought that owning a watch would be an investment just like owning stock? Well, Avi Hiaeve know, and that’s why they stock the most luxury watches.

Avi & Co., founded in 2009, is the brainchild of Avi Hiaeve. Avi’s journey to owning Avi & Co. started with him helping and learning from his watchmaker father as a child in Long Island, where they’d moved to in 2002 from Israel. He later started working in a relative’s jewelry shop in Manhattan and learnt the art of buying and selling luxury watches. In 2009, he finally achieved his dream of opening his own watch store and opened Avi & Co.’s doors in Midtown Manhattan.

Avi Hiaeve sell the most prestigious watch brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Richard Mille, and Hublot. The store sells both unworn and pre-owned watches, all 100% authentic. The pre-owned watches they sell are in excellent condition.

“At Avi & Co., we don’t view our watches as mere timepieces, we view them as an investment,” says Hiaeve.

There are compelling reasons that support Hiaeve’s view of seeing luxury watches as an investment. Luxury watches are an investment that appreciates with time. They are premium goods that become more valuable over time, with the value often being much higher than the original price.

“We once sold a luxury timepiece for $7,000, and in four years it was worth $12,000,” explains Havi.

Some of Avi & Co.’s clients started out buying luxury watches as a hobby since they were collectors. They later realized the appreciated value of the watches they had in their collections and got into the business of buying Avi & Co.’s luxury watches and selling them a few years later to make good profits.

Luxury watches are not your traditional investment vehicle, but as Avi & Co. has proved, it is worth it to invest in a few luxury timepieces.

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