Aryaan Arora is an American born singer and actor who initially went viral with his Season Premiere episode of ABC’s “What Would You Do”.

His episode aired on “ABC” (American Broadcasting Company) which is one of the largest studios in the world. The Season Premiere episode was also released on YouTube where it grossed over 8.9 million views. But now, Aryaan is going viral due to his music.

Aryaan, recently posted a cover of Indian Pop-Star Armaan Maliks English Debut “Control”. The video went viral on Instagram and a few days after the post, Armaan Malik himself tweeted about it sharing his thoughts on Aryaan’s work.

Armaan Malik wrote: “Always wanted young Indian musicians like me to pick up the guitar & do their own thing. Check out this cover of #Control by @_aryaanarora! You have a really nice vibe brother, keep it going”

After this, Aryaan released another cover of the English Remix of ‘Mohabaat Barsa De’ which went viral and was shared by numerous celebrities within the music industry. Aryaan is presently working on his upcoming album and looks forward to releasing more videos on his social media for his fans. He will be collaborating with New York based Artists Claytonisokay and Jase Ford-Ryals

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