If there is anything monumental that modern-day fashion has exuded for the past years, it’s the capacity to accommodate different aesthetics, body types, and even cultural backgrounds. The dramatic move to promote inclusive designs and clothing staples lead to the rise of brands that changed how people view fashion. The emergence of activewear or athleisure is a good example.

Activewear brands like STAX are well-known and loved by their loyal customers because they continue to deliver a broad range of selections for their products. Whether it’s the fabric choice, the variety of tops and bottoms, or the number of shades available, the majority of activewear brands with a huge following recognize the need to meet distinct customer preferences and demands.

For those who are new to the concept of wearing activewear for its unique aesthetic, enumerated below are fashion-savvy hacks on how you can put on a chill and genius ensemble using athleisure style:

Creative and geometric cuts
If you want to turn heads in an instant, go for tank tops with unique designs and cuts. For instance, try tops with strategically designed straps or sports bras with playful cuts that flatter your body. It’s the perfect complement for ladies who embrace an edgy and cool look in their everyday look. For bottoms, try leggings with criss cross cutouts to add a cool twist to otherwise regular-looking jogging or errand day outfit.

Unitards and jumpsuits are the new sexy.
Move over, leggings and skin-tight jeggings! Unitards and jumpsuits are currently making waves in promoting a new kind of sensual yet comfortable clothing. If, in the past, one would have to wear less to be considered sexy, athleisure promotes a more wholesome and healthy kind of sexy. Stretchable and skin-friendly fabrics help women of all sizes flaunt their beautiful arches and curves. Black, beige, royal navy and charcoal grey overalls are must-have pieces to include in your collection. Pair it with a coat, a pair of platform sneakers, or your favorite heels, and you’ve got an effortlessly luxurious day-to-night outfit.

Hello, Retro!
Retro styles are making a comeback in the form of flared leggings. Flared leggings offer more room to move around without it feeling exhausting to the skin. You can wear it during your yoga sessions or take it to a dinner get-together with friends. Wear a bright-coloured tank top or a fitted, off-shoulder blouse to complement the easygoing vibe of your flared sportswear.

Ribbed texture
Do you prefer outfits that exude some ‘depth’ or have a 3D appeal to them? Opt for velvet and ribbed tops and bottoms. Wear it with a jacket, pants, or a skirt with a simple or clean-cut and design. The contrast will surely make you look like a sophisticated fashion model. To make it look edgier and classier, put on a pair of vintage pumps or army boots.

Biker shorts are the talk of the town.
Famous activewear brands like STAX have recently started using biker shorts as part of any OOTD. Biker shorts come in neon shades and bold prints. You can wear it with its pair tank top and your favourite comfy sneakers. You can also embellish it with an oversized coat or vest. Other styling options for biker shorts include topping it with an oversized shirt, combining a monochromatic ensemble with a tank top, a button-down shirt, and sneakers, or donning sleek accessories such as a thin gold necklace and statement rings.

Choose any styling tip that you think fits your aesthetic best. Don’t forget to share your OOTD athleisure photos and tag your friends!

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