Let’s take a sneak peek into the world of this multi-talented actor Ahmad Mansour. He was born on the 23rd of October, 1989 in Australia and has been an acclaimed actor who has created a name for himself in the entertainment industry with his work which has been widely appreciated by the audience. 

As an actor he has worked with many famous film makers like Colin Fletcher and Tony Tisle and made his debut in Channel Nines UNDERBELLY The Golden Mile followed by another Channel Nines production – Rescue Special Operations. His acting prowess has provided him work from the German and Australian entertainment industry. Ahmad always wanted to create his foothold in the film industry and is always looking forward to many more powerful scripts to work. Having worked in several television shows and a few films as well, Mansour is refining his acting skills as he very passionate about acting and his exceptional work has landed him many interesting projects in TV and films.  

The fine actor is always ready to learn new things and has done many impressive roles which have provided him fame. He is now awaiting a big project which is slated to hit the floors soon. This innovative and ingenious actor is leading his way into the film industry by working in many international television shows and films and his work has been appreciated by many industry bigwigs. Ahmad says “Though the film industry is very big, it is difficult to create one’s name in it, unless you have a distinct quality that lacks in other actors. You have to prove your mettle in acting and create a place for yourself as there is much competition with so many fine actors already leading the industry. It is your positive attitude and desire to work that will carve a niche for yourself in this big entertainment industry.”

Apart from acting, he has a vision to provide best luxury cars of the world available to his clients on rent in Dubai.  He moved to Dubai in the year 2018 when on one of his previous visits realized that Dubai had lot of opportunities for start-ups being a tourist place. Starting off his car rental company which has a fleet of luxury cars including Maserati, Ferrari and Aston Martin for clients who travel to Dubai for work or leisure from across the globe, he has made a strong foothold in the car rental industry in today’s times. Such is the demand for his cars that there is always a waiting period of months for booking.  He combined his experience with knowledge and started ‘Luxury Supercar Rentals Dubai’, which is one of the most preferred travelling partners of many who visit Dubai in present times. In an interview he tells that he started with just one guy of similar background and now his company has 15 full time employees, in just less than 2 years’ time. On being asked why he started this car rentals business he says that, on his vacations he used to spend a lot of money on renting cars himself. He realized that car renting business had a lot of opportunities in a tourist place like Dubai where people travel from different parts of the world for leisure or work. Hence, the idea of starting car rentals business stroke to his mind and the journey began. 

He finds his work unique because he gets to meet different people right from celebrities to middle class, to rich and famous. He defines success as having owned the super car which he dreamt of being a kid. He has always believed in taking risks and everything is possible in life if you want it, is what he strongly feels. Being a highly motivated person, he always strives hard to achieve success in life. Money and success are always motivating for him and he also tells people about his perception through webinars. He takes many webinars and mentoring sessions as well and talks about various perspectives and experiences while working in the business world and the film industry. He also discloses his business strategies and guides upcoming entrepreneurs on how to take the right path which would leave them to success; he also has a lot of stories to share about how he built his own empire in foreign shores starting from scratch. 

His story and achievements are worth a mention and stand as a true inspiration for many aspiring youths out there who want to grab the stars and be successful in life.

You can know more about him through his Instagram account- www.instagram.com/ahmed.amwell

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