Dr. Michael Tran has welcomed all dental clinics in a free spirit only through FLOSS Dental, although FLOSS has brand recognition standards that are strictly enforced so that one day FLOSS Dental’s network will have strong national brand awareness to gain powerful benefits, owners are encouraged to increase their own knowledge and trust on FLOSS. Franchise owners are shopping at a brand concept they want to build and shape. Doctors of a growing brand are regarded as front lines in a laboratory, steadily growing in knowledge, sophistication and size. The efforts of every doctor in FLOSS Dental’s network allow each unit to try and complete new technologies as they become readily available, and are usually trying them before any single-unit dental practice.

Dr. Michael Tran has focused on gaining a new experience in the field of dentistry through FLOSS Dental and attracting various dental practitioners, and to do so. Michael Tran and FLOSS Dental’s group are all set. With a true commitment to advanced education, he actively participates in study clubs and by continuing education courses to ensure that he is well versed with the FLOSS mission.

While studying in a school in Houston, Dr. Michael Tran was awarded the ‘Smartest Resident’ award for his highest contribution in the field of critical thinking and dentistry. But despite receiving the award and being promoted to leadership positions, he did not fully realize it and wanted to ensure that he remained focused on more and more ambitions in his career, especially early in his career So that their interests are thorough and varied. Michael is aware that bright minds need it and is always feeding on his inherent, unstoppable desire to know and do more. He began to learn and understand live surgery so well that he now teaches live surgery transplant courses in his offices and is working on ways to spread and introduce that knowledge to a wider audience. Dr. with experienced doctors. Michael Tran’s dialogue has equipped him with great knowledge. As FLOSS Dental’s network continues to grow, and Dr. Michael Tran and other doctors continue to put in time and energy to pursue and honor continuing education and craft, Dr. Michael Tran is noting that the company has a collective competitive edge over any individual success. Today it has become the norm for FLOSS Dental to use new technologies and build new services before they are heard about being introduced into any other practice.

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