The widening skills gap in the United States is reflective of the fact that course content at most colleges and universities is content-driven, not context-driven. Furthermore, too many working adults who would like to return to school to upskill themselves or achieve their academic goals cannot do so simply because most programs do not offer the kind of flexible scheduling that today’s busy professionals need.

University of Phoenix works around student schedules. In a recent online review, a former student said that he was hesitant to enroll at University of Phoenix because of previous experiences he had had with other online institutions. After speaking with an enrollment representative, he felt more comfortable and enrolled in one of the University’s doctoral programs, a decision he said he does not regret.

He continued to explain that University of Phoenix is one of the few online universities that actually cares for and works with students’ busy schedules. If you want to earn a degree but are intimidated by the possibility of having to juggle work, home and school commitments, then University of Phoenix may be a good choice for you. The instructors are highly professional, knowledgeable, relatable and understanding. Most instructors are willing to go the extra mile to provide their students with the time they need to not only complete their coursework but to master the material being taught.

This student said he enjoyed every interaction with the University’s instructors and staff. As an adult going back to college, he initially had a few concerns, but University of Phoenix made it easy for him to follow his class schedule and complete his assignments on time. The classes are designed to make it easy to digest and understand the material being taught, he said, and before you know it, one course will finish, and you will be on your way to completing the next one.

Another reviewer shared how University of Phoenix changed her life trajectory. She said that she was not moving forward in her career as a special education paraprofessional. She began to believe that there was nothing she could do and that she would end up remaining stagnant in her career indefinitely. After learning about the University, she was inspired to fill out an application, but she did not enroll. However, an enrollment counselor reached out to her to answer her questions. Feeling encouraged, the student enrolled and on her way to career enhancement.

With constant encouragement from her academic counselor, this student received her Master of Public Administration degree from University of Phoenix with a 3.97 GPA. She also became a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success. She attributed her success to the help, guidance and encouragement of her counselors and instructors and currently works as a registered behavior technician. She now has room to grow and to move up in her company, and she is thankful that University of Phoenix helped her rise to her highest potential.

Other student reviews touched on program scheduling, course length, course options and faculty expertise as the leading reasons to enroll at University of Phoenix.

First, the five-week class setting is the perfect length; it does not cut your course too short, but all courses can be completed before they start to feel like things are dragging on.

Second, you can choose the courses you like as well as whatever schedule suits you. You can complete your projects and assignments whenever you have time for them, and effective collaboration and communication tools provided by the University make it easy to work with your teammates, teachers and peers.

Finally, programs support learners of all ages and from every walk of life with easy access to information. Programs are tailored to specific degrees and career paths, and they include life-long access to the resources needed to stay connected with the University and its student network, helping students take advantage of every possible opportunity. University of Phoenix is a military-friendly school, tuition assistance is available for those that qualify and class material reflects the changing needs of the real-world workplace. Students are ready to hit the ground running in whatever role they land after completing a degree or certification.

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix was found by John Sperling, Ph.D., a Cambridge-educated economist, professor and entrepreneur. The University was founded in response to the changing needs of the workplace. Sperling’s commitment was to provide adults with the higher education they would need to fill those needs, and for the last 45 years, the University’s objective has remained the same: help people enhance their lives through education.

The University provides students access to quality education, ongoing support and rich academic and technical resources to help them succeed. The innovation of the programs and curriculum, the dedication of the University’s staff and instructors and the context-driven instructional framework that all courses follow bring together theory, practice and instruction in a manner most fitting to the unique needs of busy working professionals.

The University offers associate, bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral degrees and many certificate programs. Visit to learn how University of Phoenix can help you create the future you desire.

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