Entrepreneurs and social media influencers, it seems, are the modern-day personification of the infinite potentialities of life. With the power of the internet, a gut raring to go, and the intense passion to land firmly on one’s feet upon the world stage, these new-age go-getters are indeed reinventing the wheel. Diouldé Barry, known as Barry Empire to the world of nutrition and motivation is one such spirit. He now aims to mentor his followers to understand that ‘everything is possible’.

Barry was not born with a silver spoon. In fact, there were times when he had little to eat and less to eat it with. He knows that not all his followers will come from the same level of material destitution he has faced. He also knows that a sense of poverty and helplessness can appear in any form. He tells his followers, “It’s important to be grateful. For what you have and for what you can have. Things change, either of their own accord or because someone made them. As budding entrepreneurs you can deal with challenges, imagined and new, by either dealing with them head-on or waiting for them to pile up and become larger than life.”

Barry has launched an online course titled ‘Your Human Potential’ which he calls a “bestseller because it’s designed to help people gain confidence, purpose, and direction in life. I am a huge believer in positivity, not the kind that makes you inactive, but one that makes you act upon your goals.” He has over 23K followers on Instagram for whom he has one single advice, “everything is possible as long as you believe in yourself, stay positive and use your time to become the best version of yourself. With sincerity, passion, hope, and courage you can experience all joys and successes that life can offer you.”

Barry’s rags-to-riches story is inspirational to others and a constant reminder to himself to not take anything for granted but with gratitude.

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