A community-based social media platform like Instagram helps foster relationships with target customers by sharing personal stories of care. Jay Jay helps clients use the power of Instagram to build strong personal brands and earn customers’ mindshare. 

The world of consumers is evolving; no longer satisfied with unfailing loyalty towards brands, the new-age customer is continually seeking information before investing their time, energy, and money into brands. Therefore brands are forever on the look-out for innovative and unique methods to grab a piece of their consumer mindshare. Personal branding has emerged as one such strategy that connects with the consumers on a more emotional level to convince them of the product’s credibility or service that a brand wishes to offer. Jay Jay is actively involved with international and iconic brands seeking effective strategies to grow their brands. Jay Jay believes in the power of Instagram, one of the most transparent and honest platforms to develop one’s personal brand to strike a chord with your viewers.  

Becoming Instafamous

Building a personal business brand, a hybrid between a personal and a business account, helps your target customers resonate with your brand better. Instagram is becoming somewhat of a hidden gem for businesses. Despite its wild popularity, only 30% of the companies that use social media have an Instagram account. Even though it is not possible to include links in Instagram posts, Instagram is still an incredibly effective way to grow the brand, increase traffic, and boost sales. Instagram is particularly powerful for growing and scaling brands. Jay Jay empathizes “that personal touch is such an important thing that people forget, but it goes a long way.” 

Being an influencer of sorts

Jay Jay helps clients leverage the power of Instagram to increase their circle of influence. The first step to achieve this is to give your tribe a look into your own life so that people are informed about your values, thoughts, and the cultures that drive you in every aspect of your life. “But connecting, engaging and speaking to people without any judgment of who they are, where they are from or what’s happened in the past is everything to me, “says Jay Jay. This is the motivation that helps him give the impetus to build other businesses, attract more traffic to their social media pages, and increase conversion rates for their products and/or services. 

Caring for consistency

For Jay Jay, his work as a coach and motivational speaker is just an extension of his personality. Jay Jay believes in the power of being authentic, and the magic one can expect to see when one is real despite all odds. Instagram is a high-profile platform where visibility and participation are everything. Remaining consistent and keeping up with posts is essential to stay on top of minds.  

It is essential to maintain your brand tone and manner but telling personal stories helps people see value in your product and service in an intimate way. And Instagram is just the place for that.

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