Dario Bonanno, from Turin, currently residing in Lisbon, is a young man with a large company, which he founded in 2016.

After graduating in economics and business administration, he created an e-commerce site, an online site for selling and buying products, where he sold watches and flashlights.

But what is so special about this site? It must be the payment method, i.e. cash on delivery.

This method allows customers not to pay for the goods in advance, but to pay when they arrive at their destination.

A fast, comfortable and absolutely safe method.

Why waste time entering your credit card details when you can sit back and pay later.

Of course, because no buyer has to live with the anxiety of those who can or cannot see their current account data.

Dario understands all these expectations and immediately knows how to enter Europe, which is not a very big market.

Seizing the moment, he quickly reached Italy, Spain, Romania, Poland, Portugal, Hungary, Croatia, Greece.

Once started it was also necessary for him to manage the various problems and always find a way to continue the path.

With his strong, confident and decisive character, he was able to take over the business and carry it forward as a good entrepreneur.

He has also been able to achieve many of his goals and now he is not thinking of stopping but rather of reaching all the states that accept this payment method.

With the great success achieved today, it offers advice to anyone wishing to take this path.


Instagram: https://instagram.com/dariobonannoecom

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