The online world is buzzing with action, and among the directors who stand behind the scenes is Ayman Kaddoura, CEO and Founder of The Bridge Technology based in Dubai. Ayman is nearly a decade old in marketing, social media promotion and web development, and this rich experience makes him among the sought after marketing pros.

Beginning in 2011, Ayman has held the straps of his journey to the top of the game in online business growth. Vouching for his success are dozens of client stories, and he hasn’t reached his pinnacle yet. With the great surge in online platforms and traffic, the new year too will bring in new opportunities as never before.

Recently, Ayman was hired by US-based TI Style, a personal grooming brand. Ayman designed their website and promoted the business to bring about tangible results in sales. He did the same with the Fast Building Contract Company in UAE. Another assignment he recounts was with the International Telecom Union (ITU).

At The Bridge Technology, you can get all things done, from making a website from scratch to marketing and promotions, SEO, ad campaigns, and maintenance and support. We excel in all of these areas,” says Ayman.

The Bridge Technology team is proficient with all the latest web technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and MySQL. The promotion team handles AdWords, Facebook Ads, Analytics, pay-per-click campaigns, and carries out reporting and data analysis. The marketing techniques aren’t limited to just a few, and clients get to benefit from multiple ways to grow their business.

Ayman’s career has given him ample experience with several important fields, such as CRM, sales and marketing, and management. His skill with building engagement is what has given him an edge over others. Clients like the wide range of services that are able to source from his team, including maintenance, updates, tech support, and consulting on how to grow further.

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