Super Mario Galaxy modder RiazorMC has reproduced a map of the Sinnoh district from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl in the Nintendo Wii game. While the guide is reproduced from the exemplary top-down point of view that existed in Pokemon rounds of the time, Mario’s developments actually mirror those from the Wii game.

The 17-minute video sees Mario traverse the locale, and finishes up with the mustachioed handyman snagging a Staryu instead of a traditional Star. It’s a strange mash-up, however given the way that the two games delivered in North America in 2007, it appears to be fairly fitting to see the two establishments joined this way.

Pokemon fans have been mentioning a revamp of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for a long while. Game Freak and The Pokemon Company have made a propensity for redoing prior games in the franchise, and Diamond and Pearl would be the following games to get the treatment, following Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire’s delivery in 2014. Hitherto, Game Freak has hushed up with respect to the chance, yet it hasn’t prevented fans from mentioning an update of the twin titles.

While Diamond and Pearl fans are seeking after a report on Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Galaxy was as of late re-released on the stage as a component of the Super Mario 3D All-Stars compilation.

Galaxy is one of three games in the assortment, close by Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. The game isn’t actually a change, however it has allowed new players the chance to find a Nintendo classic.

Mario and Pokemon are two of the greatest franchises related with Nintendo, yet the two haven’t seen much in the method of official crossovers. The two franchises include a few agents in Super Smash Bros. Extreme, and a line of hybrid product was delivered for Pokemon Center stores in 2016.

The line included Pikachu wearing Mario’s brand name overalls and cap, and included things like plushes, playing a card game, and the sky is the limit from there. Tragically, this didn’t bring about a genuine video game blend, so fans will simply need to make due with mods like this one by RiazorMC, for now.

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