Former pro soccer player and teacher Taz Garcia says he is ready to bring back real action!

Garcia is an award winning action film actor and director with many accolades under his belt. The enthusiastic and highly motivated actor-director has noticed how more superhero movies and shows have been moving their casting radar to Hollywood North. “ There’s two fellow Canadians cast in Marvel right now, and I hear the lucky number 3 is a charm…or as it’s called in soccer, a Hatrick!”

“The 80’s or 90’s action flicks always had the same style oiled pecks, big shouldered and generally silent square-jawed white male. Many whom have risen to the screen from bodybuilding, martial arts and B-movies.

Today’s action heroes are defined by difference. They come from wildly different backgrounds to cater to a variety of audiences,” Taz described.

Garcia also wants to bring back more action and less CGI. “Similar to what they did with James Bond. Bond used to have all these cool gadgets that were beyond its year, giving him a way out of any situation. The recent version with Daniel Craig has become more human. More hand to hand combat, parkour and humanly possible feats.”

Known for his intricate Hong Kong style fight scenes, Garcia hopes to be able to showcase his skill set in a unique way as part of superhero show or movie in the very near future.

“I don’t know if he sleeps…” said the Trailer Voice Guy about Taz. Known as a grinder, hustler, nicest guy on set and people’s champ. Garcia work ethic is impeccable and he believes when the time is right, it will happen.

Taz is currently also working on five different scripts, wrapped two national commercials and preparing with his co-founder to take their annual event The Movie Expo, an event that bridges the gap of opportunities for talent, crew, facilities and locations internationally with fun networking – showcase Virtual world.

In the mean time the very charming and charismatic Taz is staying focused on honing his craft and physique. Garcia is ready to suit up when the opportunity and time align.

For more info check out Taz on Instagram @tazgarciaofficial

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