The Google Pay application for the Indian district was recently rebuilt from the beginning with Flutter. The refreshed application was delivered in September this year, and it included some minor plan changes. Presently, Google is revealing another symbol for the application with its most recent beta update.

The new Google Pay symbol was first spotted by Twitter client @isumantada, who likewise shared a screen capture of the application’s updated splash screen. As should be obvious in the attached screenshots, the new symbol seems as though a 3D version of the Squarespace symbol made utilizing the four Google colors.

While the symbol follows Google’s moderate symbol aesthetic, it’s a long ways from the current Google Pay symbol, and that may create pointless confusion among clients.

In spite of the fact that Google is yet to uncover the motivation behind the new symbol plan, the name of the symbol record extricated from the most recent APK gives us some truly necessary knowledge.

The document is classified “logo_billfold,” which recommends that Google was attempting to reproduce an insignificant wallet (billfold=wallet). However, the end result looks in no way like a billfold or even collapsed charges matter.

It’s significant that Google as of late delivered new symbols for a few of its applications and administrations, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Drive, Docs, and Meet.

And keeping in mind that numerous clients communicated their displeasure with these symbols too, at any rate they look somewhat like the active symbols. The new Google Pay symbol, then again, simply doesn’t make sense.

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